Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Big Boy Bed

I actually ordered this new bed frame a couple month ago, I was just so busy during the summer that I forgot to add it. I had narrowed down our selections to a few in a previous post. My friend had also offered to sell us a pair of antique iron frame beds that her mother has, but in the end, her mother wasn't ready to part with them yet. And that was perfectly fine with me, I was begining to worry that having beds with sentimental history might also be crazy expensive to ship out from Montana! In the end we went with the site with the iron beds; they had a lot of variety and Mr. W and I contemplated a few of them before we settled upon this simple head and foot board set with ball finials and a blue painted finish. I think it is fun for children and can work with many other color schemes as the boys grow.

We bought a pair of them even though Baby Boy isn't ready to transition out of his crib yet. Once he does we intend to keep the boys in the same room for quite awhile.  We might move them into the adjoining guest room, which is bigger and would allow for both beds along the same wall. That would look very smart. 
So here it is all set up in the room. I need to pick out a bed skirt, but I think I'll wait until we set up both the beds to spread out the spending for now. I think a red and white ticking would work well. (I still have big plans to paint these walls a slate blue. I think the stripes are a little busy, especially paired with the beaded board. We heard that the son of the POs was a Yankees fan so it was for him.  That makes me happy.)

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  1. I was concerned on the shipping too, but would've loved to have them shared with you. Love that the the Americana baseball theme continues!