Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thinking about the boys' bedroom

When the previous owners added wainscot to the walls of the dining room (or at least when they reconfigured the doors and had to have custom woodwork milled) they ended up with extra wainscot. I believe that is what is installed on the walls of the boys' new bedroom, and why it is only on two walls.That coupled with the stained waterfall style dresser and desk that we will put in the bedroom makes it pretty wood heavy. I like to break that up with either iron beds or a painted beds. Something in red or blue would be my first choice.
We will keep the red, white, and blue baseball theme so the beds will have this baseball bed spread from LoN. (I ordered an extra one for Baby Boy.)I have considered bunk beds. I think Our Little Helper would enjoy that, and Mr. W seems to be advocating for it too. But I worry that it will end up being too massive in the room, even if I go with a painted wood.
At some point before Christmas I was at Bridgeport Village and took a peek in the Goodnight Room, they were in the process of moving to another location and had some of their floor models on sale. They had a rustic sort of blue painted bunk bed which had some storage drawers underneath. It was crazy expensive though. I expect we're going to have Our Little Helper sleeping on a mattress on the floor for awhile before we can afford something.
In the last LoN catalog I saw they had Jenny Lind style twin beds with red and blue options...kinda. The red is more of a raspberry which might read to pink for me, and the blue is a pale blue which I don't think is very grown up.
I just found this iron bed which has royal blue and red options which is just what I have been hoping for (yet have been unable to find online previously.) It seems so cheap to me compared to other prices, that even if we change our minds in the future, we haven't invested too much in these.Link


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    1. Ha! Well, if you want to cross county lines to find a Walmart...
      However that would be perfect for a blue dragon birthday party. :)

  2. Maybe you would be interested in two twin iron beds (currently stored at the cCottonwood Cootage) and previously used by my sisters

  3. Maybe you would be interested in two twin iron beds (currently stored at the Cottonwood Cottage in Stockett) and previously used by my sisters many moons ago. :-)

  4. Oh, my gosh, I didn't realize you were serious about this when you mentioned it this weekend! Yes, I would absolutely love to buy those twin beds! They are just what I was thinking of and it would be so special to know the history behind them!