Sunday, September 30, 2012


We were feeling too much pressure to tie up some lose ends around the house for the insurance company so Mr. W wasn't up for roasting a goose this year. Instead he chose to spatch cock a chicken and we dined as a family of four.
Our figs are ripe, which I recently discovered thanks to a curious, and hungry neighbor, so I included some of them in a harvest centerpiece.
 Normally I wouldn't have any idea what Mr. W was talking about when he said he was going to spatch cock the chicken, but I watched a lot of Martha when I was nursing my first baby. That skin looks delicious. He did a perfect job I think.
 Our Little Helper is always happy to have a drumstick. I'm going to have a thousand photos of him in this pose by the time he is grown!
 Roasted chicken with gravy, roasted acorn squash, and sauteed broccoli. Yum!

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