Friday, October 19, 2012

First IUI

Well, that was a piece of cake! It didn't hurt at all. I had read many people experiences and was prepared for cramping and other types of discomfort, but I didn't experience any of that. Mr. W was so surprised by how quickly the whole procedure was and that there was no fancy equipment.  I brought him with me since I was feeling guilty for doing the IUI so I at least wanted him to be in the same room as me if we actually concieve. He's such a corn ball though it might have been better to leave him at home.  He started doing a cheer leading type routine for the X chromosome swimmers since we are hoping for a daughter. Goofball!
He went in earlier in the morning to give his sample. His numbers were good, 61 million and 76% motility.  At least one of use is issue free!
I start crinone on Sunday. The NP who did the procedure (I've seen her way more than my RE this cycle) said there was no real difference between the crinone and the progesterone capsules from the compounding clinic so I'm going to switch back to them once my supply of crinone runs out.  It is way too expensive and has too much waste product.
My beta is Nov 2. I am thinking about POAS on Nov 1. Fingers crossed. There may be many house related posts in the next two weeks to help distract me while time passes!

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