Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nothing grew

On Sunday I had a 15mm follicle on the right, and a 14mm & 10mm on the left. Today I still have a 15 mm on the right and on the left only a 10mm & a 9mm. I'm so sad, frustrated, and confused.
When I spoke with the nurse at my CD3 apt. I expressed my concerns that he is triggering me too early (at 16-17mms all=BFN). Today was my first chance to speak with him about it. He said that the 18-24mm window is only for IVF. On the East Coast they use that same guideline for IUI, but on the West Coast they do IUIs at 15mm and up. I've never heard such a thing in all my time on the internet. I frankly feel like he is trying to feed me a load of BS.
My E2 is 648, and my LH is 2.07, which makes sense since I got a negative OPK. My CM is going the other way though, the previous two days were great and today's is tacky. It is not looking good to me. Based upon my blood work numbers I have one more night of 75iu follistim, then another ultrasound and blood draw tomorrow (read: more money out the window) then will likely trigger tomorrow, IUI probably Friday. Please cross your fingers that we see some progress tomorrow.
I also asked a lot of my IVF/PGD questions. I'm not feeling too hopeful. :(

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