Friday, October 5, 2012

Feast of St. Francis

I postponed the Feast of St. Francis Day this year because Mr. W had to work late, but then he had to work late the next night too, so we went ahead without him. I used some of the things from Michaelmas to set the table, but added a St. Francis statue and brought out our St. Francis of Assisi book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
 Because St' Francis was known for being kind to animals we have a vegetarian meal. I have been using the Orange Carrot soup from the W&S Soup cookbook. It has ginger in it too. The color seems very appropriate for this time of year. My Little Helper got to decorate the bowls of soup with the clementine slices.; his intention was smiley faces.
We talked a little bit about St. Francis and how he was kind to animals. I sang the Prayer of St. Francis song. MLH has been learning about him in Pre-K too.  They made little crowns with different animals pasted to it. They also made a list of all their pets for St. Francis to take care of and made a big sign. I was trying to find my cat, Mortimer's, name listed. The closest I could find was "Kitty Member." For a child that is usually so articulate, he always mumbles Mortimer's name. So clearly "Member" was as close as his teacher could get!
This is a special Name Day in our house. Afterward we read about St. Francis and the wolf, which is a favorite.

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