Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cycle #11

When does 4 days feel like 4 years?  When you are waiting for your period to arrive after a BFN HPT! I think that is part of the reason I don't test early, I'd rather have hope while waiting for a period then get a negative early and then be bitter for another week while waiting to start bleeding. In any event, after I tested at dawn on Sunday, AF didn't arrive until about 10 PM Wednesday night!
Thursday was a nice day so I decided to take the boys to the zoo.  Once I got us loaded into the car I remembered that I needed to call my RE to set up an appointment for an ultrasound on CD3.  Since my period arrived after 5 PM they don't consider that a cycle day.  I'm not sure why my cycle days are Jewish going from to sundown to sundown when I am Catholic, but whatever.  I was surprised when the nurse asked if I could come in that morning like within 30 minutes for the ultrasound.  "Uh, well..." And then I realized I already have the boys loaded into the car I may as well do it.  I told her I'd try to see if my mom would come meet me there to watch them (or I could even drop them off at her house and probably still get there in time.) Unfortunately I was not able to reach her, but this ultra sound experience with both boys was a lot better than my last one with just Baby Boy in attendance.
They just got new ultrasound machines so there was a rep there to give my doctor a tutorial through the whole exam.  Everything looked good though.  He decided to start me on a slightly higher dose of 5 mg of Letrozole since I ovulated so late last cycle.  I asked if the fact that I show Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) would also mean it is not too risky to use a higher dose and he agreed. He and I just talked about adding a trigger (at my insistence) and timed intercourse rather than IUI and that I should return on July 9th for a monitoring appointment.  Also I don't need to pick up the trigger shot at a pharmacy, they should have it in their office when I am ready for it.
It wasn't until I was checking out that I remembered that Mr. W told me he may have to go to Europe on business right around the time I would need him to be here to ...complete our mission.  So I had to have the nurse come out and discussed what would be required if we needed to switch to IUI.  Mr. W would first need to go in an have an infectious diseases screen, and after results in a about two days he could come in to leave a sample to freeze. This means he needs to figure out from work whether or not he is going enough in advance for him to do all this before flying out.
So, I'm not technically supposed to be doing IUI, right?  Sure, but if I'm going to go through the expense and potential side effects of fertility drugs I don't want to have it all be for naught if he does infact have to go out of town. And he never seems to know in advance and I need to start taking the drugs today.
Later on I thought about how some people do back to back IUIs. I'll have to check with the RE to see if that would be worth it given our situation of needing to use frozen sperm, or if it even matters at all considering Mr. W's numbers have always been good.
I picked up the Letrozole and the pharmacist went on and on about the side effects and wanting me to be sure I understood everything before I left.  I was actually surprised when they rang me up that I only had to pay $4.  I was expecting it to be more and she mentioned that my insurance was paying $153.  Letrozole is technically a breast cancer drug, and must be coded as such because our insurance certainly doesn't cover IF.
Here is my current daily dose of pills:
(2) Letrozole {1 pill 2x a day}
(1) prenatal vitamin
(2) Fish oil capsules
(1) B12 vitamin
(1) D3 vitamin
(6) Cinnamon & Poria herbal supplement {2 pills 3x a day}

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chopping down trees

As a housewarming gift my mom offered to have my Uncle M and her gardener come out and prune all our trees and shrubs and clean up around the pond before our Open House.  She loves gardening but has grown weary of her own yard.  I think she would have made a good landscape designer because she seems to enjoy the laying out and planning of the garden more than the day to day maintenance.  Although, maybe everyone enjoys that?  Is weed pulling therapeutic to anyone?
In any case, they all arrived Monday morning and began pruning back the rhodys, star magnolia, dogwood, and lilac. On the west elevation of the house the view of the original entry was obstructed by 3 trees that were planted in front of the stairs. 
The northern most tree was a cherry tree that was obviously rotted at the trunk, although it was still bearing fruit. The southern most tree was a fig tree that I was looking forward to harvesting and maybe making a fig paste to use for cheese tastings and such. Plus it didn't really interrupt the view of the porch in my opinion.  The middle tree was an ornamental apple tree which they told me had been well pruned and maintained, unfortunately the original placement was poor.  It was too crowded between the other two trees and many of it's leaves were covered with black spots.
Initially I thought I would want to eventually take out the middle apple tree and that we'd take out the cherry when it was on the verge of collapse.  I liked the idea of harvesting our own cherries, but so far they tasted very sour to me. I wasn't sure if they still weren't ripe yet or not.  My uncle said they were actually considered pie cherries because of their tartness. I wasn't expecting to remove any of them during this endeavor. But they talked me into doing it now since my mom was paying them to work.  Mr. W and I hadn't talked about removing any trees though and I wasn't entirely sure of his opinion.  Unfortunately he had meetings all day with clients in from Japan so we could only text about it.  He was fine with having them removed, but was adamant about saving all the wood to use for barbequing.
Once the cherry tree had been cut down it was suddenly much easier to pick the cherries! 
They are such pretty little things. My Little Helper and I were able to pick two bowlfuls! We worked together as a good team.
 Eventually I grew weary of picking and needed to get back to laundry day. Now I need to make some pies.
It makes such a big difference with those two trees removed!  Now I have the view of the house I want.  I've been wanting to take a new family photo on the front steps to use for change of address cards, but hadn't gotten around to it because I was feeling discouraged about how to set up the camera to avoid the trees. And you can see how rotted out the cherry tree was, it's amazing that it was still standing!

The pond was completely overgrown. 

Those big leafy things are called dinosaur something.  I walked by someones yard recently and saw how tall they grow and thought, "I don't want those in my yard!" Plus there is a holly tree that drops a thousand spiky leaves and berries. They ended up transplanting a few of the sword ferns into other beds and removed a clump of euphorbia too.   My mom also decided to have her pond guy come out and fix the pond.  He met with us Monday to do an estimate and will come back on Sunday to do the work before the party. Nice! Fortunately all the pump parts are in good shape and sized appropriately.  I was not planning on fixing this pond anytime soon, so this is an especially nice gift.  She's not really excited about her own yard and pond anymore, I think she considers my yard and pond her new projects!  I don't mind at all! She's so excited about it that she brought over the Japanese lantern I bought for her pond.  I think it looks great in its new spot.  Since her pond was near the front of her house she never put a candle inside it and feels like we'll get more functional use out of it since our pond is off our back deck.
They planted a few plants that I got at Bosky Dell Native Plant Nursery.  I think they fill out the lilac bed nicely.  I've started to do some reading on Victorian gardens and will have to do a lot of thinking to figure out how best to incorporate natives into historical looking borders and beds.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Feast of St. John the Baptist Day

This was our third year hosting a beer and cheese party.  The weather hasn't been great, or at least it hasn't been consistently sunny and dry, so I had to reconsider where we'd have our porch party at our new house.  I originally planned to set up a table in the grass near the front steps, but since it had been raining during the day I didn't want people to get their feet damp. Instead we set up the table on the deck. I kept the same tablecloth and flowers from the Bee Tea.
All the beers came from Belmont Station and the cheeses mostly from Zupan's.
  • Havarti Dill (Demark) paired with Czech Rebel Pilsner (Check Republic)
  • Hook's Sharp Cheddar (Wisconsin) paired with Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale (Yorkshire, England)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano paired with Chainbreaker White IPA (Deschutes, Oregon)  This one I actually heard about when I was driving up to Seattle a couple weekends ago.  I was in Mr. W's pickup which only has a cassette player.  There are limited radio stations between here and there so I ended up listening to a local beer themed radio program.  They mentioned that this was to be a limited release, seasonal brew so I wanted to incorporate it into our tasting.  Mr. W had already purchased a six pack of it before I even brought it up.  The man knows beer.
  • Emmentaler paired with Spaten Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany)
  • Bleu Cheese (Idaho) paired with Chimay Grande Reserve (Chimay, Belgium)
I tried everything again this year, but I still don't like beer and didn't like any of them. People really liked the Chimay and the Chainbreaker.
Kids in the dig pit.
It got chilly early so we retired to the kitchen and later the Drawing Room while the older boys got to watch a movie. We are really enjoying entertaining in our new house!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


A big fat negative home pregnancy test. Le sigh!
I realize now that I mistyped the other day when I wrote that my temps had fallen by a degree.  In fact they had fallen by a tenth of a degree, which of course there will be some fluctuation, but two days in a row gave me cause for concern.  But then they rose by a tenth of a degree the next two days so I was gleeful again that this was my month!  My due date would have been March 3, the same birth day as my godsons.  How cute would that be?  I was convinced.
I was so excited that I went to bed as soon as our guests left at 10:30 PM last night.  I figured the sooner I went to sleep, the sooner it would be morning and I could take my temperature. I didn't sleep well though; I was so excited that I kept waking up every hour or so looking at the clock to see if it was morning yet.
Then to make things a bit more challenging, Baby Boy got a hold of my thermometer yesterday and slobbered it to death.  By the time I realized he had it the digital screen was so covered with saliva inside that it sloshed back and forth.  Fortunately we have a thermometer in one of the children's first aid kits. When I woke up at 5:30 AM and hear birds chirping I decided it was finally late enough to test.  But my temp had fallen from 98.7 the day before to 97.8!  That's when I realized I had been mistaken when I said "fallen by a degree".  Now it really had taken a significant dive in just one day.  Like a fall from Grace.
I convinced myself it must have been too early, it's a new thermometer, etc.  I decided to lay motionless for another 45 minutes so it would be closer to 6:30 AM when I usually test.  By then my temp had risen to 98.2.   That was encouraging enough for me, so I hopped out of bed and POAS. By the time I walked back to my bed to curl in next to Mr. W to share the results the HPT already read "NOT PREGNANT."
I'm CD32 and 13DPO.  I'm not an early POASer so I believe that this is legitimate.  So now I wait for AF to arrive to move on to cycle #11 and Letrozole. I hope it works. I hate this drama.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A shopping trip to the Aurora Colony

We have many things on our 'to do' list.  That list didn't include adding railing to the exterior basement stairs, yet that was a top priority for our insurance adjuster.  I thought if I have to add some railings there I may as well make it look pretty and use some salvage metalwork. I have been wanting to go out to the Aurora Colony since we moved in so I could browse for Aesthetic Era casegoods and furniture.  I thought Aurora Mill would be a perfect place for railings too.  My mom agreed to babysit the boys so I could head out for an afternoon alone.
What a treat!  Whenever I am driving in the countryside I am so grateful that we live in such a pretty part of the country, driving through farmlands with views of snow covered mountains when one turns a corner.  So lucky that we have such beauty so close to the city. It was super sunny yesterday too! All the antique shops are in old bungalows, storefronts, train depots or mills and everything was decorated with bunting and hanging flower baskets.  So cheery to put one in the mood to shop!

In my favorite shop I found a fascinating Art Deco curio cabinet that I thought might work in a narrow spot between a light switch and a vent.  It has glass shelves above and it has interior lights.  I thought we could store stemware above and stack china in the doors below.
I couldn't get the doors to open, but I was able to pull open the drawer and found this label inside. My favorite baby name right now and the piece was made in Tacoma.
 It 30"w which is my max for the space, but it's only 5' h which might be silly.  That would only be half the height of the wall, and it would be better to maximize our storage (since we hoard too many dishes) with a taller furniture piece.
Eventually I made my way over to the Mill.
 Outside there were some railings, but none of them were in the 10-11' range which I need.  Instead I found (2) 6' sections of railing with ball finials, which seems very Victorian to me, with ivy leaf ornaments. The piece with the newel post was $595 so pretty expensive since I'd need two.  I suddenly remembered that Aurora Mills has a reputation for being overpriced.

 Inside I found some more railings but they were all still much shorter than I required.  The best I could find was the sections in the back which are asymmetrical.  They are only 4'8" long.
 But then I noticed this little 2'6" section which would give me a bit more length than I needed, but wouldn't be a problem.  I was able to find a price tag for the shorter section, $, but couldn't see one for the ones in the back.  A couple people had to come out to help me figure it out and I learned they are marked at $1,200 a pair, but they could give me 10% off. I think Mr. W might have a heart attack, but I don't know how much he was planning on spending.
 I also noticed some wrought iron newel posts on my way out.  I thought as an alternative I could have a salvage newel at the end and then a length of new railing fabricated up against it.  The ones in the left side of the photo were all marked at $395.  I of course like this bigger one that reminded me more of the wrought iron outside Brownstones in Brooklyn and the townhouses in Capitol Hill.  And I couldn't find a price tag on it either.  I figure I'll show it to Mr. W and see what he thinks before I move forward with this idea.
 I decided to give up the hunt for now, and although my budget is small I found a couple small pieces I thought I would regret not bringing home with me.  The first was a diamond shaped bamboo occasional table.  I already have a bamboo plant stand and a sewing table so I knew it would compliment them and the rest of my chinoiserie theme in the Parlor. I'm so glad I went for it, it looks awesome in the front bay window!

The second item was a white wicker planter.  I feel like the original front porch is looking a little forlorn and barren.  I know seating is out of our price range right now, but one little plant by the front door will go a long way in looking welcoming.  I'm thinking maybe white geraniums since it gets a lot of sun.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Bee Tea

 Now that we have to get cable My Little Helper is a big fan of the Mickey Mouse Playhouse.  In one recent episode they had a party for their friend a bee; they had honey baked ham, honeydew melon, and honey cakes.  I was inspired to have our own bee themed party; it seems I have seen this several time in Victoria magazine too.
But then we had to wait until we had that hard to attain combination of nice enough weather  and no other plans before we could have our Bee Tea.  We finally had both yesterday afternoon so while Baby Boy was sleeping MLH and I prepared for our tea.  I used a hemmed piece of yellow gingham which was draped over a curtain rod in our bathroom.  Since I'm no fan of yellow I took it down and planned to donate it until I realized that it could work as a summery outdoor tablecloth, and this was the perfect opportunity. MLH was very earnest in helping me spread out the tablecloth and holding onto his own side.
Then he suggested we pick some flowers which I was planning on doing anyway, but I was thrilled at him feeling it was important!  Our new garden has enormous clumps of big, white daisies and they finally came into bloom so we were able to pick a bunch and fill up our yellow vase.  I also picked another wispy yellow flower that is unknown to me.
When were down in the basement rooting around thru unpacked boxes trying to find the vase MLH noticed the 3 tiered tray and felt we had to have it for our Bee Tea.  How cute and sweet is that? Then we discussed which foods we would put on which levels.
Inspired as I was by Mickey Mouse, I made finger sandwiches of honey glazed ham, provolone cheese, and sliced honeydew. I intended to make them on mini croissants, but I had bought them several days earlier, had been waiting for the weather to clear, gave up and we ate them before they went bad the previous day.  Regular sliced bread yields more sandwiches to fill up the bottom tier anyway so it all works out in the end.
 Next we had crumpets, and finally bee chocolates.

The Fred Meyer has a Moonstruck display case and on a whim I checked to see if they had any bee shaped truffles and to our delight they did! 3 little bees!

As I was searching for dishes I found the amber carnival glass dessert plates, I realized I had honey flavored Greek yogurt in the fridge which could also be a part of our tea.  The tea cups and saucers are all mismatched though, I must have the rest of the LuRay dishes in my mom's basement.

The burlap bee wine sack I hadn't had an opportunity to use before and this honey was a party favor from the most recent baby shower I attended. I added a little square of bee fabric to dress up a jar of lemon curd.

I adore this honey dispenser we received as a wedding gift. And the jam pot has a little bee moulded on top.  Frankly, I was surprised I was able to locate everything!
MLH wanted both honey AND jam on his crumpet!
Baby Boy loved the yogurt and bird watching.
We looked through our bookshelves to see if we had any stories about bees; the closest we could find was Pooh's Honey Party.  We brought down the other bee toys too. I read aloud and we enjoyed our little alfresco Bee Tea.


Temps are dropping

My temps have dropped one degree in each of the last two days. It's amazing how quickly hope can be crushed. I was so confident yesterday, and now I'm worried my period may arrive early. On the bright side there is no need for me to make a special trip to the store to pick up a HPT before Sunday. That will save some money.
I hate the 2 weeks waiting.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sacred Heart of Jesus

This is my second year of making snacks for the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Since I decided last year's rice krispy treat was too much sweets, this year I used watermelon for the main heart.  I was planning on using raisins for the thorns, but I couldn't find any in the pantry so I used chopped chocolate morsels again.  The flames on top are strawberries.
In theory I love this idea, but it is way to early for watermelon and as you can see these were pink and didn't taste very good.

I also  bought some heart shaped crackers and covered them with some port wine cheese spread. Mr. W said he wasn't used to having that cheese outside of Christmastime, hahaha.
 My sister in law and her husband were in town for the weekend so I set the table with this crocheted tablecloth that their aunt made.
We also had our first Sunday dinner at the dining room table in our new dining room. (It's amazing how shifting over to the next table can make such a difference. We used the Moonlight Rose china and blue glass wine glasses, they complement the Colonial style leaded glass windows much more than the wallpaper I had in our other dining room. And we dined on Cooper River Salmon, our second time within 4 days.  You have to take advantage when it is in season for such a short time!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disappointment followed by acceptance

After rushing to drop the children off at a daycare center and getting to Mr. W's office in time fore our skype session with the Microsort people, we learned that it was all for naught.  Even though I had repeatedly asked them to clarify that we would qualify for Microsort sex selection for family balancing based on our already having two sons, it turns out that they still cannot offer Microsort with IUI becasue the FDA is dragging their feet on approving it after their trial run.  We found that out in just the first few minutes of the conference call so I was incredibly disappointed knowing that we were now spending $300 for a consultation fee for no reason.
However we did discuss IVF with Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) which is the only option for sex selection that we could pursue if it is that important to us.  We didn't really discuss IVF in depth with our local RE because I don't want to do it, but this gave Mr. W the opportunity to learn more about it.  She did imply that with my age, and diminished ovarian reserve, that it would be best to do genetic testing on the embryos. I also asked her about the program for embryo adoption because Mr. W is only open to one more child and I wouldn't be comfortable with either destroying any "extra" embryos or donating to science for experimentation.
I could tell that the idea of the PGD was appealing to Mr. W even though previously we had discussed IVF being too expensive for us to pursue even if I was comfortable.  Afterwards as we rode down in the elevator we briefly discussed whether he would want to do IVF with PGD to rule out genetic problems.  I was thinking I could maybe rationalize it for that and the sex selection would just be an added bonus. That night he was too tired to discuss anything because he had been working late much of the week.
The next day we rose early to camp out along the route of the Grand Floral Parade and I left immediately following to drive up to Seattle again for another baby shower.  That gave me a lot of solo time to consider what I was willing to do, what I'm not willing to do, and what my priorities actually are.
I do want a daughter and I cannot imagine my life without one, what would be my purpose?  Or rather, what is my purpose supposed to be since I always felt like raising a daughter would be a major part of my calling? But on that long drive I came to accept that I do need to "Let go, and let God." I need to trust that if I am meant to raise a daughter, whenever I conceive it will be a girl.  And if I'm not meant to, and I have another son, I need to trust that I will figure out where I am supposed to go from there. It isn't for me to know what God's plan is, but it is up to me to accept my destiny and enjoy it. It's a pretty scary place to be though.  I doubt my ability to move past gender disappointment.
Another factor in helping to make the decision to accept my fate of relying on nature to determine the baby's sex was considering the future of any adopted embryos.  I would want them to be open adoptions so that I could know my children and play at least some small part in their lives. I couldn't imagine having them be out there somewhere and not knowing them.  But then how can I face them as teens or young adults and explain how we didn't chose them because of their sex or because we only wanted 'one more' and didn't want to attempt to transfer them as an embryo into my womb?  Because frankly, we probably could afford a fourth child.  How would that look to them to see their 3 biological siblings living in this big house and knowing that we didn't choose them?  It made me want to throw up and I knew at that moment that I was right all along to think that IVF would be a stupid idea for us at this point in our IF journey.  It would be one thing if we had exhausted all other options and IVF was the only way to have another child, but based upon my history, it would be so, so dumb.
I also decided I would no longer follow up with trying Microsort in Mexico.  After our disappointing appointment on Friday I called the international number and began mentally planning a fertility trip to Guadalajara where the FDA won't get in my way.  When they returned my call on Monday I did not respond.  I need to close the door on all of it.
By the time I left for Seattle I had been using OPKs for about 5 days and still hadn't gotten a positive yet.  I figured I had already missed the window, even though I had started testing on CD13, and was kicking myself for not trying this cycle because we were hoping to wait until the next 'real' cycle when we could do Microsort with IUI.  I had been using expired OPKs though so I felt like maybe that was the reason I wasn't getting a positive. With all that in mind I figured there was nothing preventing me from enjoying a reunion with Mr. W the night I returned from Seattle.  The next day I decided to test again on a whim and was surprised to see that it came up positive.  I was actually excited! I have done a little reading on the Shettles Method, which could very well be just an old wives' tale, which recommend having sex early before ovulation since the female chromosome sperm live longer. Maybe fate was settling me up to have a girl anyway.  We had sex again the night of the positive OPK to improve our odds at conceiving any child.
My concern now of course is that I canceled any mid-cycle testing since we were going to abstain this month in the hopes of putting all our figurative eggs in next month's basket with the Microsort.  So I really have no idea what is going on inside of me, no idea how many follicles I had as a result of taking 100mg of clomid.  That is double the dose I had in all my previous unsuccessful attempts.  Odds are that as usual, the clomid won't work for me so there is no reason to worry about multiples.  But I've pretty much convinced myself that I am pregnant this month.  Acceptance of either sex baby being okay made the universe give me a baby on a night that I didn't think I could get pregnant. That's the way all this works out, right?  Only time will tell in two weeks.  I've decided I'll test on the feast of St. John the Baptist.  It will be 2 weeks past my positive ovulation and it would be nice to have a positive pregnancy test associated with a special religious day like both of the boys.
And if it doesn't work, we'll just move forward with Letrozole next cycle.  Which reminds me, I need to figure out where we packed my injectible pen...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl Baby Fever

Over the weekend we went up to Seattle so I could attend a baby shower for Mrs. PP who is due with a baby girl in early July.  Plus this coming weekend I'll be traveling back up solo for the baby shower for Mrs. Z's twin daughters.  I took the boys with me to Milagros to get some baby gifts and had such fun picking out girl clothes.  Of course nothing pink since I despise that color, but there are still so many sweet little outfits, diaper covers, and shoes to consider!
The last time I was up there I noticed that Mrs. Z had a 70s bassinet that she and her sister used to sleep in.  It looks so similar to mine that my sister and I slept in so I decided to bring it up and loan it to her for when the girls outgrow the one bassinet.  The General also loaded up our car with baby things that their twins have outgrown.  The Z's girls were born premature at 32 weeks and have been in the NICU since April 21, the day we moved.  Baby R had just been released last Wednesday so I was able to see and hold her when I was dropping off the baby things at their house.  She is so sweet and tiny and perfect looking! I always think, "Gee, I forget how tiny they are when they are born!" but then I quickly remember that my boys were so big at birth that that is why I boys never were that small.
My Little Helper was completely enamored with Baby R.  He totally wants a baby sister and wants me to name her Sid.  (He also suggested that his cousin be named Sid when he was born last December. What can I say, the boy loves the name Sid!) He kept coming over to look at R as I was holding her and he did not seem jealous at all. Neither did Baby Boy.  He seemed pretty indifferent about the whole thing.  Baby Boy does like babies though.  He likes to get down to their level and check them out and smiles at them. My Little Helper kept asking if he could pet baby R's arm.  Oh, how I would love to give him a baby sister!!!
I was still doing my clomid challenge test over the weekend and wouldn't you know it my Cycle Day 10 landed on a Sunday!  My RE's office gave me a cool transport container and said that I could have my blood drawn up there, there is no lee way on when the blood is drawn, but it doesn't have to be tested that same day.  Our friends suggested we go to an urgent care in Capitol Hill because of it's close proximity to the baby shower at the Japanese Garden. Our Little Helper has been complaining of his penis hurting him and coupled with frequent 'accidents' I suspected a UTI so we both checked in at urgent care.  It took forever! They ought to have just sent me down to the lab right away, but instead the nurse said they would call the lab to send someone up to draw my blood.  That was a mistake.  The lab never did.  I kept waiting and waiting.  We eventually got a sample out of OLH and it was negative.  So no UTI, but probably a yeast infection which we can treat over the counter.
At this point I decided I 'd just go down to the lab, good thing since they sounded like they never got the request anyway.  They seemed incredibly reluctant to draw my blood and give it back to me.  Supervisers had to be called in.  They kept calling around the hospital to ask to speak with managers.  At one point they told me they wouldn't be able to do it because I am not registered there and the office would have to do it, but they aren't open until Monday.  I was about to release my clomid craizes on them!  The surperviser went into the back room to speak with yet another person.  I plotted my freak out.  What would I do if they wouldn't draw my blood?  I'm totally missing the baby shower at this point which was the whole reason I was in this mess in the first place.  I was beside myself, pacing the lab.  Then she returned and said they would do it, but it would take a half hour for them to spin it.  Mr. W said he'd drop me off so I wouldn't miss any more of the shower and would come back to pick up the sample.  He said when he returned they refused to put the blood into the transport container because they weren't trained on it.  It involved unscrewing the top and dropping it inside. Sigh! What a major pain in the neck.  The buck stops nowhere apparently.
Mr. W noticed the container was leaking on the way home.  Or rather the vial was leaking so the part that they were trained on they didn't do right!  I had another freak out worrying that all that had been for nothing and I still wouldnt be able to get the testing done.  When I dropped of my sample Monday morning though a lab tech checked it and said that it would be fine and there would be plenty to work with. Whew!
I received the results of my test on Tuesday:
  • My FSH was 9.83 on CD 10 (up from 5.49 on CD1) and they like to see it below 10. 
  •  My AMH was 0.31 and they like to see it above 1.
So basically my egg quality is good, but my egg quantity is below average. I asked if these results would change the protocol my doctor has recommended for this next cycle or if he would instead go back to follistim.  The nurse reported that he would still recommend doing Letrozole.  With this news though I am certain that I'm only willing to try one cycle of it and then go back to gonadatropins which I know work for me. I also think we will skip trying to conceive this cycle.  I know as an infertile that sounds like madness, especially since I am medicated,  but I'd kick myself if I got pregnant this cycle with a boy (or two) instead of waiting to at least try the MicroSort.
Mr. W and I have our Skype call with the MicroSort doctor this afternoon.  I am over the moon excited about it still!  I've got the Girl Baby Fever, and I've got it bad!!