Monday, October 28, 2013

PIstachio and Plum Nursery Reveal

I finally had a chance to take photos of the nursery. The framed Kew Garden print was finally finished right around the time I received the vinyl wall decal and the glider. A lot has come together in the past few months to create this unisex cum feminine nursery. What started out like this in April is now complete. This is the view that greets you at the door.

The dresser and crib are on the same wall, this is configured a little differently than when the boys shared this room.
When we began this nursery we didn't know what the sex would be. If she had been a boy I would have added purple elephants. But since she is a girl I'm doing a flower theme, hence the violet doily and tea pot. Mr. W brought the leather kangaroo back from a business trip to Japan. I've been coveting this Big Ben alarm clock for a long time for myself, but realized it would be perfect in the nursey. Moms always need to know how long they have been nursing!
A closer view of the wall decal. I know I'm late to the wall words trend, but it didn't seem to work in the bungalow, and there wasn't enough vertical wall space in that nursery.  I ordered this decal in plum and  I was able to reuse these wall plaques (from SL@H) which were a gift from a friend.
This is a nice view in which you can see how the crib skirt matches the extra hem we added to the curtain. My friend randomly gave us the crib sheet since I didn't register for a 3rd child. It fits perfectly!
We were able to put the changing table along this wall on it's own. A friend bought this pansy painting for me when we were in college, and now it works perfectly in the pistachio and plum nursery.
My nursing station. The new glider finally arrived as well. The plum color ties in with the curtain fabric and gives a great pop of color against the wainscot in this corner.

I'm so glad we decided to buy a new chair for the new nursery. It is very comfortable and I love that it spins. It makes it so easy to turn to reach a cup of tea or whatever I need from the side table.
A view back toward the door. The one thing I have yet to do is strip the paint from the transom window. I never climber a ladder near the end of the pregnancy to clean now who knows when I'll have time.

Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm dreaming of a blue Christmas

It is only the middle of October, but already I have Christmas fever. It was triggered by looking through a catalog and seeing these peacock feather trees. I have admired peacock themed decorations i the past, but I didn't think they would blend well with my Tartan tree. But now that we are in the Queen Anne and we have extra rooms I thought that I could indulge in the novelty of another tree.  Yes, that would make 3 trees total if you count the nursery tree that we decorate for the children. But the interest of being somewhat reserved I thought that the Parlor tree should just be a table top tree.  Peacocks were a favorite for the Victorians so it only seems appropriate to decorate a Parlor tree in this color scheme, especially since we have some teal jewels in the leaded glass windows and a swallow in flight in the transom window in the entry.

Peacock Christmas decorations are available all over the place too. I spent this week going to P1, Macy's, and P1 had a lot of great peacock decorations including this tree skirt. I was thinking about searching CL for small low tables I could use int he window of the tower to place the tree, but then remembered that we moved this small cabinet into the Parlor anyway to make room for the full size tree in the Drawing Room. I think it will be the perfect spot to place the new tree.

Here is a close up of the tree skirt, I love the colors!

I've gone a little crazy getting decorations and candles.  These are just some of the ornaments I've bought so far.  And I'll order the small feather trees to to decorate over the piano.

Edit: I can't seem to help myself from purchasing decorations for the peacock tree.  I think this might be the last of it, I've found garland, solid balls to fill in, numerous feather spikes, and a used tree topper off ebay. I'm cutting myself off until after I trim the tree this year and determine how much more I might need to fill in.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Desperately Seeking Sofa

When Mr. W was on paternity leave last month we realized that a family of 4-5 with only 3 chairs in the family isn't going to work. The boys kept grousing at him to get out of their seats. We so seldom all watch tv together that it is rarely an issue. We decided to rectify the situation and started shopping. But rather than the nice fancy leather one we were planning on getting before we moved in, we decided to go with cheap and disposable while we still have small children. Enter: Macy's.

We settled on a tufted back, twill fabric sofa that will seat 3, but is still small enough to fit in our Family room. The stock options were scarlet and grey. As much as Mr. W is a Buckeye fan, we decided to go with a special order cognac color. It should arrive to us at the beginning of November, maybe even in time for my birthday.

It can't come a moment too soon though, here are the boys double decker-ing it on a weekday afternoon.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Mr. W thought it would be too ambitious to invite people over and roast a goose for dinner since we have a little baby. So instead he picked up some pork chops and we improvised. I made the German style red cabbage and he made the apple and potato stuffing.
 A continuation on the theme of OLH with meat and no utensils.
Our wheat sheaf centerpiece, apples and figs from our tree.
 A vintage Michaelmas postcard.
 Michaelmas pie of apples and blackberries.
 Punkin adores her daddy.