Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallowe'en Decorations and Punkin' Carving

 My Little Helper was so excited to get decorating for Hallowe'en! This has become his favorite holiday, just like his Daddy. I decided to go more secular/traditional with the decorations this year instead of doing Dia de Los Muertos. I feel like there are a lot more spots which can be decorated in this house than in our last house. Here is the mantle.

 I bought a black tablecloth for the dining room this year, I figure we can use a basic black tablecloth for lots of occasions. The orange linen place mat I got on super mark down at WS several years ago. I love my new footed, black glass dish. I bought this when Ms. Mc and I went on our antiquing expedition to Canby. We filled it with small pumpkins we bought at the pumpkin patch and a few spider rings.
 Spiders totally creep me out, how I suffer to make my son happy!
I bought a bale of hay for the front porch. I have been wanting to make a scarecrow as a decoration for a few years now, but never get around to doing it. (Doesn't look good this year either now!) We're going to have the trick-or-treaters come to the original front door so we set up our pumpkins here.
We carved our pumpkins on Monday since we were supposed to go to Ms. Mc's Hallowe'en tea party yesterday, but she wasn't feeling good so she has postponed it. Neither boy really wants to touch the pumpkin innards so Daddy has to do most of the work. (And part of the reason why we only are carving one pumpkin. You have to pull your own pumpkin weight in this household!)
Helping Daddy design the punkin face.
 Pulling the top off
 Using the poking tools on the pumpkin
 First and only reach inside to pull out the innards
 Our LH is please with Daddy's carving skills.
 After the jack o' lantern was complete, OLH carried it out to the porch.
 I lit it up and the boys were very happy with their jack o' lantern.

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