Friday, August 31, 2012

Shield party favors

Another plan I had for all our left over moving boxes was to create cardboard shields for the children.  I figured this could be the craft for them to keep them occupied for part of the party. I used the sides of the medium sized moving boxes. Then I tried out a few different mock ups on paper to get the shape I wanted for the shields.  This is the template shape I settled upon.
Once I cut these out with a matte knife (remembering to change the blade before I started) they were ready to paint.
I used the same battleship grey paint as the castle.
After both sides were painted the cardboard magically became convex which I wasn't anticipating, but made them look even more shield like. Yay!
I used black webbing for the straps and fastened them with 15/32" Mini Anorak snaps, all of which I picked up at Joann's.

 I also bought some blue metallicy fabric to use as a table cloth for the medieval banquet.  It was 50% off $7.00 a yard so the price was right. I figure I can use this fabric in the future for costumes of some sort.
After all that effort though, Mr. W decided to use some more of Mr.McGroovey's rivets to put the staps on the shields. Mr. W poked a hole through both the fabric strap and the cardboard. I did 6" lengths and spaced the rivets 3" apart to allow for little boy arms to slide through. But after the test run of that it wasn't quite enough space. When I asked how long the straps ended up being Mr. W answered "the right amount" which isn't entirely helpful, but I'd guess it was more like 7-8" each.
Now we have assembled shields for the children to decorate! My Little Helper and I found bags of jewels for the children to glue on and they can also draw decorations on with markers. I considered making dragon silhouettes, but have run out of motivation for something so tedious.  I have an entire dragon cake I have to bake and assemble tomorrow!
I finished painting the castle yesterday afternoon. Can I just tell you how happy I am to have a garage in which to do all these projects?!  It is so nice to have!
"Take my picture inside the castle!"

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