Sunday, August 5, 2012

IF is confusing

Today I was supposed to start the crinone as a progesterone supplement. I opened up the package and this is what I found:

What fresh hell is this?!?  There were no instructions on the package or in the bag from the pharmacy. I know this is supposed to be applied vaginally, but how on earth does this work? I was guessing that the little circular tab on the end was the handle and the large rectangular piece held the gel and that is what went inside me.  But how would it get out?! Do I leave it in there and it absorbs somehow? I wanted to cry.
After doing some searching on the internet I learned that the little round part rips off and you push on the rectangular thing to squirt the gel out through a small hole. That sounded much less scary. Then one throws away the whole applicator. My pharmacy really ought to make sure they are providing instructions for crinone for first timers!

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