Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting the whole gang back together

Since I am on a forced break due to cysts this month, I decided it was time to resume my acupuncture treatments.  Yes, I'm getting my whole trying to conceive team back together again!
I really, really like my acupuncture person. He is very soft spoken, while at the same time is so enthusiastic about what he does.  And he either reviewed his notes before I came in for my appointment or he has a really good memory.  I was surprised how much of my IF history was right there in his head after 2 and a half years, meanwhile I have doctors who can't remember a thing when I see them once a month for months on end!
We spoke at length about where I am now in my journey and then I hopped up on the table to begin. Acupuncture doesn't hurt, but I forgot how that first prick does hurt! I'm not sure if it just my body needing to get used to it or rather all the toxins finally finding a release.  Today's treatment was a needle on each foot, on eon each ankle, one on my left hand, one on my right wrist, one on the top of my head, and 5 inside each ear.  I'm not sure where the ear connects to but, that is a lot of needles for such a tiny space!
He turns a heat lamp on over my feet because I am always cold in my appendages and turns on the space heater and dims the lights. Yes, it is August, but my feet are always freezing cold. I lay like that for probably half an hour and then he removed the needles, I flipped over and he inserted another 5 needles into the small of my back. Many times I am so comfortable and warm that I can fall asleep. And I am NOT a napper.
I'm glad I am adding this back into my regimen. If I am able to achieve pregnancy again I think I'll continue acupuncture treatments through my pregnancy.  I understand it can help with morning sickness and eventually inducing labor.

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