Thursday, August 2, 2012

CD8 ultrasound

I actually think this is CD9, because I don't understand why the RE measures them like I'm Jewish from sundown to sundown, but regardless, I had made a lot of progress today. My lining was a 10 again, and had that line that he likes to see which means it is mature.  The follicles were all pretty small when he began measuring them in the 4-9mm range so I assumed I could expect a few days more of stimming. But once he looked at the other ovary he found a 10mm, and then a 17mm. He began the appointment by asking me if I would not reduce.  He said he wanted to not make any judgements during the ultrasound. (Although frankly it seems like that information would provide him with some bias, it certainly explains why he is more conservative.)  We were happy to see that there was just one lead follicle, that greatly reduces the possibility for multiples. Although it does only give me one shot at all for these sperm to be aiming.
We got the results of the semen analysis.  I had asked to have it done since the last time he had one was in 2006, and I was feeling so discouraged after the failed Letrozole cycle.  His results are very normal: normal numbers, normal morphology, normal motility. All very good and the message was that the RE felt like we were still good candidates for doing TI if we want since we did have success with that in the past.  If we chose to do insemination it would give us a slight edge, but he left the decision up to us.  Mr. W is of course ready to move on to IUI, but respects my wish to attempt a few more rounds of TI.
So with that in mind, my RE told me I should go home and trigger right away and begin the TI tonight and continue into tomorrow. He again asked me if I could give them a sample to see if I was surging on my own, but yet again I had been told to empty my bladder before hand and no one suggested I collect a sample just in case. God forbid I need to do another cycle I will make sure I pee in a cup to avoid this issue. I also don't know why no one mentioned that I bring my ovidrel trigger with me to the appointment just in case, because it sounded like he would have liked to have done it right then and there.
Instead I drove all the way home and then back to my mom's where I had left Baby Boy while MLH was at Nature Preschool at the Hoyt Arboretum.  I had mom administer the trigger so, fingers crossed this cycle works for us, she can say she helped get me pregnant, hahaha!  The ovidrel shot wasn't so bad, it comes in its own prefilled syringe.
All that driving around town made me begin to second guess things though. Like were we triggering too early?  Most things I read have 18-24mm the range for mature follicles.  With only one, and a not technically mature one, would we be wasting our money and time?  Should I refrain from more follistim, but wait until tomorrow to trigger to allow the follicle to grow the average 2mm a day? Unfortunatley the RE's office closes at lunchtime so I had to wait on those questions. When they called me back with the results of my blood work I didn't even ask my question. My E2 was at 530 and she said trigger right now! So I did.
I have a beta scheduled for August 15th at 7:30 AM.  I am considering waiting until then to find out the results. On the other hand, I could test on the 14th, which is the anniversary of my father's death, and give the universe an opportunity at redeeming that date of all it's evilness. We'll see what happens.  For now, Mr. W and I have some work to do.

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