Friday, August 31, 2012

Finishing the dragon pinata

The time had finally come to close up the pinata and attach a hanger.  This proved to be a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I learned that Mr. W had some zip ties lying around and that they would be nice and sturdy. Then he could connect that to whatever rope he's using to suspend the pinata. Using the exacto knife again I made two slots. I messed up the direction of the slot the first time, I want them to be parallel to the back of the dragon so they can go round the egg container spikes. Then I slide the first end of the zip tie in and instantly realized my problem.  Unlike sewing, I can't easily flip to the underside. How on earth would I get that tie back through the other slot?
After several attempts with long handled things, I decided I'd just cut the hole for adding the candy larger so I could fit my hand through.

MLH couldn't figure out what I was doing with my hand stuck inside his dragon pinata!
It worked though! I got the zip tie through both slots.
My plan here is that between the layers of paper mache, the cardboard of the wings, and then the egg carton, there will be enough support to keep the fastener in place to allow the children to have several go rounds of hitting the pinata.  That's been my biggest fear with this homemade pinata, that it won't be strong enough to hold up and the children will be disappointed.
Next I added the wings that MLH painted blue and green. I made a slit for the male end of the tie and then made two slits forming an X on the other side so that I could force the bulky female side through. Worked great.
Then I glued on the wings. I used Elmer's glue again and as soon as I did it I realized I ought to have gotten the hot glue gun out. I do not have time to stand around holding cardboard in place. I had MLH get a bag of brown rice out of the pantry to use as a flexible weight.  I repeated this technique with the first length of dragon spikes. 
Unfortunately the other one is missing. How many times did I say don't play with the wings and spikes for the pinata?  Too many to count, and yet here we are with parts missing.. Hopefully they will turn up before the party!

Update: The rest of the spikes turned up and we did one last set of painted egg carton to finish the ridge. The zip tie fit around the egg carton spikes.
 I did have a small problem with the zip tie, I put it in backward! Aagh! After all that work! But Mr. W simply twisted them so the closure would work properly.
 Then I added another zip tie for Mr. W to use to suspend the pinata from the rope.
 Here he is in his final state pre-dragon slaying.  That hind legs were glues on after Mr. W finally got him suspended.

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