Friday, August 17, 2012


Why am I not surprised that cycle #13 would be cancelled? I just had a feeling this cycle would be somehow jinxed: poor response to the meds, another BFN, perhaps a chemical pregnancy.  I didn't really have it on my radar that last cycle's drugs would have created cysts and that this cycle would be over before it even started.
My lining was still really thick which she said didn't worry her since this is only CD1 for me. I had two 18mms on my right ovary, which were the 10mms when I triggered, and on the left the 17mm had become a 30mm cyst. So no drugs for me this cycle.  My RE wasn't in the office today so the other doctor I met with said that normally she would prescribe birth control pills to supress my estogen levels to shrink the cysts so I could come back in 3 weeks to start a new cycle.  I can decline the BCP and wait for my body to regulate itself, but I should expect a longer than normal cycle. No BCP would be my preference, but she still needed to see what my E2 levels were; if they were high she would have to prescribe the BCP whether I wanted it or not.
I just got the call that my cysts aren't producing any estrogen so I can wait and let nature run it's course with these cysts.  I definitely won't be going to the Ds' wedding in Spain next June.  Sigh!

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