Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dragon pinata

Before we even had the Green T-Rex birthday party for Our Little Helper's 4th birthday he began planning out his next birthday party theme: a blue dragon birthday! I couldn't help myself, I started planning out all the fun things we could do for a blue dragon party like slay a dragon shaped pinata with wooden swords, have a dragon shaped cake, a cardboard castle, etc. I bookmarked a bunch of website and with MLH's birthday about a month away I figure I better get a head start on all my good intentions before I run out of time.  Well, truthfully in addition to having nightmares about the first day of school, I also had a bad dream in which it was his birthday party and I hadn't even made the cake yet when the guests started arriving and hadn't made any crafts or favors to keep the children occupied.
So with those worried keeping me up at night I was finally motivated to go out and get some balloons so we could start assembling the pinata. I used this dragon pinata as a guide for how to create the dragon.  I decided that we needed a little more form than this so I also made the head out of another balloon.  I figure we could even put candy in this cavity as well. I also added legs.  I will want to add back legs to, but I'll add those later.  I'm worried it will be too hard to paper mache this thing if there are too many nooks and crannies. 
MLH is so excited about his dragon pinata!

 I followed this recipe for the paper mache too making sure to add in the recommended salt to prevent it molding. It's hot and I'm making this a few weeks early so the last thing I'm going to want is a moldy pinata to fill up with candy. As soon as I put my fingers in the paste I was transported back to my childhood making paper mache in public school.  Who knew pinata making was like riding a bike? MLH seemed to enjoy it too, but it was short lived.  About ten minutes in to our macheing he got bored/tired and said his feet hurt from standing. So I was left to finish it on my own.  I only do one layer at a time because it's time consuming with all the different joints. But so far after a few layers it is beginning to take shape.

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