Friday, July 1, 2011

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I find so many great ideas at Catholic Cuisine! A few weeks ago an acquaintence posted on facebook that she was having a garage sale and wondered if she could put a price on Jesus. Apparently among her grandparents things was a statuette that no one was interested in keeping. Of sourse there were several witty reponses, but I genuinely was interested in purchasing it if she made no sale. He looks just like all of my little saint statues. She decided that she really couldn't put a price on Jesus and told me it was mine. And conveniently we would be attending a birthday party for a mutual friend so I was able to collect Him just in time for the appropriate feast day.That is where Catholic Cuisine comes in, I had no ideas for what to prepare and no inspiration in my cookbooks. I liked the idea of the appetizer, but with all the work on my sister's condo, I didn't have the ingredients on hand. What I did have was marshmallows form the camping trip and a box of Rice Krispy treats. As much as I like RKTs, I've never made them before, always relying on my friend Mrs. P-M to bring them to every function. The RKT Sacred Heart dessert seemed like a good solution.
Using what I had on hand I had a little Sacred Heart of Jesus tea party with goldfish crackers as a nod to St. Peter, whose feast day I had big plans for but couldn't pull together because of running around for the condo, and RKTs. Since it was the first time I made them, and I didn't know how it would turn out I completely forgot to add in red food coloring. Instead I sprinkled some red sanding sugar over them. I chopped up some chocolate chips to represent the thorns and watermelon chunks for the flames. After I was done I thought raisins would have been a healthier solution to chocolate. And frankly, watermelon cut into heart shapes would have been the healthiest idea. My Little Helper loves watermelon, so that will be my plan for next year.
This was his first RKT though, and he loved it! And the chocolate. The only problem was we were too sugared out to have a proper dinner. Next year, watermelons for sure!
My great aunt's pink LuRay dishes were the closest thnig to heart color I have so I paired those with an ivy teapot I've had forever and a sweet little vintage ivy table cloth. I love tea time!

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