Sunday, July 24, 2011

Berry picking

Last night we had the Fs and Mr. P over for dinner. The Fs mentioned that they were planning on heading out to Sauvie's Island today to pick blueberries. Our Little Helper loves blueberries so we thought we'd join them. It was such a beautiful day on the island. We are so lucky to have this protected farming community within 20 miles of Portland! As we drove across the bridge to get there all 4 mountains were out! I took these photos on the way home.
The tip top of Mt. Ranier on the far left and St. Helens in the middle.Mt. St. HelensSt. Helens on the left and Mt. Adams on the far rightMt. AdamsAnd our own Mt. Hood, or Wy'eastThe Fs decided to go to The Pumpkin Patch for blueberries. They weren't really ripe yet, everything is so late this year because of the cool weather we've been having. But the raspberries were perfect and fat and the Marionberries were ripe too. The boys had a great time running through the fields. In the raspberries. While the mommas were hard at work picking.My Little Helper was holding a box for me as I was picking Marionberries. I kept picking berries, but my box never seemed to fill up; he kept eating them. As much as I told him he needed to stop eating them before we paid for them, I couldn't keep him from snacking. Baby Boy even decided to get in on the berry picking since I had him strapped to me and those non-ripe, red Marionberries were right in his face. I looked down and realized he had picked one too! Good thing he didn't grab a thorn. Unfortunately I forgot to pack a hat for the baby so I tried to keep him out of the sun as best I could. Bad Momma! I think he had a bad reaction with the sunscreen, or he just rubbed it in his eyes because when I stopped to nurse him his eye and half his face was red and puffy. Poor little thing.
Mr. W thinks that picking our own berries is such a great deal, considering Zupan's prices. And especially considering we got all the berries the children ate for free. He thinks they ought to weigh the children before they head into the fields and then afterwards to recoup their losses. I still have a lot of jam from the last time I canned so I am considering making syrup with these.
After we were done on the island Mr. W suggested going to Skyline Burger for lunch. It has been a long time since I've been there so I loved the idea. Can I just say the roads in the West HIlls are super curvy. It took so long to get there and I was so hungry I was beginning to get car sick. All was better when we arrived though, a cheeseburger and a butterscotch milkshake can cure just about anything. I wish they still had their old neon signage that is in the photo on the menu, it was awesome!
From there we headed out to my Aunt R's log cabin in Redlands for game night. We were planning on the drive to count as a nap for the baby. Our Little Helper and his cousin had a blast running circles around the kitchen while the grown-ups played Proletariat. When we left for the evening there was a doe and a rabbit in my aunt's driveway. How lucky for the little boys to see! It was a great day!

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