Monday, July 11, 2011

Mom reviews my work

Since she arrived home from France after after 8 pm on Saturday and had to babysit for me yesterday, today was my mom's first look at my sister's condo in over 3 weeks. We met there in the morning, after a breakfast of bagels at Kettleman' sister is so lucky to have this within walking distance of her new home! All the painting was completed so it was also my sister's first look at the green kitchen paint. They both were very happy with the colors I'd selected. We spent a bit of time going over furniture placement and I displayed all the accessory pieces and bedding I'd purchased. They both liked the green lamps and blue croc nesting table for the living room and the black nightstands and lamp for the bedroom. We have decided to put the chrome plated Metro shelving system inside the closet of the office and sequester the least desirable of my sister's knick knacks there. They will also purchase a blonde p-lam desk from Office Depot for this room. And I think we successfully convinced my sister to keep the pair of lamps from her Tom Peterson set in the office.
The bedding they liked best was a DKNY in a chrysanthemum quilted pattern with options in red, white, and charcoal grey. I'm going to let them make all those returns and exchanges to save my boys from another shopping trip.But today we did need to go shopping. My mom wasn't familiar with Home Goods and I needed to help them get all the components for the Ikea entertainment center. I decided I could take advantage of the free babysitting at Ikea for My Little Helper. I also found out the reason why my sister never measured the depth of her TV like I had asked her to so I'd know which base cabinet I needed to specify. She doesn't know how to measure! At Home Goods we found only one more piece of the blue nesting tables, my sister picked out different lamps for her bedroom, and a red framed full sized mirror. We also found a few sea shell pictures that will coordinate with the bathmat she bought at Macy's from which we based the paint color.
Before I was involved in the project they had selected the Besta system at Ikea. We all decided the brown black finish would be best. I specified a few glass doors on illuminated cabinets above the tv in which she can display he car collection. I also included a lot of pieces parts so that she can organize her movies and music with in the unit. As always, finding things at Ikea is kind of a nightmare, and they are often sold out of things, but we were mostly successful. I also convinced my mom not to pay for Ikea to deliver and install. I just feel like that defeats the purpose and is a waste of money. I had asked my other uncle if he would help with assembling it for my mom. I can ask Mr. W to hook up all the electronics for her, in this way no one person is overwhelmed with doing it all.
Now we just need to wait for the carpet to be installed so we can begin to move everything in! I'm getting so excited!

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