Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7 months old!

I cannot believe how much fast it seems to go by the second time! Although, in my defense, Baby Boy is hitting milestones at a fast pace than his big brother. Mr. W is convinced it is because he has to escape from his brother. I prefer to think that he just wants to keep up with his brother. In any event our baby is completely mobile!
Our Little Helper began crawling at 8 months which is perfectly normal. This baby becane crawling at 6.5 months. I am amused by the difference though. DS1 's crawling started off fast. I remember the first time I put him on the floor in our tv room prior to it being refinished. He shot straight for the tv components, which were located on the lowest shelf, grabbed the dial and cranked the volume all the way up. I hardly had any time to react! Mr. W thought he must have been staring at the big dial for months waiting to play with it and went for it immediately when he had the opportunity.
DS2 started crawling earlier this month and it has been much slower and determined. He looks like he is lurching around. He had been covering a lot of ground creeping around and moon crawling, then up on his hands and knees rocking back and forth. His wobbly little crawl was adorable to watch and allowed us ample time to prepare for what ever hazards lay in his path.
He cut his first tooth on the 4th of July with a second one that just emerged. Poor thing, growing teeth is hard work.
He also has perfected sitting up. Now we can comfortable have him in the high chair and ride in the stroller with out the infant seat. He kept craning his neck up so his head was no longer resting on the back of the chair. Clearly he wanted a better view of the world around him.
On his 9 month birthday, I found our eldest son smiling and pulled up in his crib. Over the weekend our youngest already started trying to pull up when we were at OMSI for Mr. W's company picnic. I was hopin git was just a fluke, but no, he has been pulling up at home now too. I have mixed feelings about the possibility of him being an early walker. It would be convenient to no longer have to carry him everywhere, but dear Lord, what will my life be like when they are both mobile!?
I also have to reinstall the baby gate immediately. I thought I could leave Baby Boy in the nursery with his brother while I ran downstairs to retrieve my cell phone. When I came back up I couldn't find the baby in the nursery, frantic I began searching all the rooms and My Little Helper told me the baby was in the bathroom. Thank God his lurchy little crawling lead him straight into the bathroom and right past the unprotected top of the stairs!!! I am horrified to think of what could have happened if he had decided to turn left and explore the shiny metal edging of the top step! Clearly his crawling is losing the lurchiness and becoming quick and carefree.
My little baby! I can't believe he won't be so little or baby like for much longer. They are both so easy children, I feel very fortunate.

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