Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fabric issue

Wouldn't you know it, all that time running out to the Mill End Store last Sunday to meet with the drapery person to give him our measurements and he gave us yardage requirements and he figured it wrong! We met with him at my sister's last Thursday and he realized his calculations were wrong or that he hadn't understood me. The only reason I went out there was because he made it sound like he could avoid coming out for a measure. So now I need to go back to get more of the grey fabric for the bedroom curtains.! Sigh!
Then when I finally went back with my sister I couldn't find the fabric. And then it hit me, we had bought the very last of the bolt! No problem I thought, I can add a band at the bottom of another fabric. Not ideal, but the best solution that won't waste the yardage we already purchased. A darker grey was my first choice but none of them were the right color or weight, and I don't want a lighter color fabric on the bottom or they will look top heavy. So I entertained a black or red band. This would have been fine but I had my sister with me (because I thought it would be a simple trip of getting more of the same grey and the foam for the headboard.) It wasn't and I could tell she was getting as angry and frustrated as I was. I really need to do the narrowing down myself and just presenting her with 2 or 3 options. In the end we walked away empty handed because I couldn't get a hold of the seamster to find out how much yardage we needed for a band.
I went today with the boys after swimming class and bought the same fabric as the grey, but in the black colorway. This is what I was hoping for in the first place but was having a hard time finding it with my sister in tow. My son didn't make it any easier though!
I'm giving him a deposit to begin work on the fabric tonight. We will have pinch pleats curtains in the bedroom. In the front rooms we will be using hardware called Ripplefold. It mounts to the ceiling and will give it a real Mid-century Mod look. I can't wait to see them installed!

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