Thursday, July 21, 2011

When the Ocean calls, I listen

I enjoy the rain. And even if July I don't mind it that much, especially considering the terrible heat waves that a lot of the country is going through right now. But, it has been unseasonally rainy this week, even for Portland. i was thinking about how just two weekends ago we were at the coast. It was a beautiful day: sunny and warm, but windy.
I shouldn't mention one of my favorite spots, for fear it becomes too popular, but I really like Hug Point. It has enough points to protect you from the wind, it isn't a super long walk to the beach (although it is steep), and there is a waterfall! And caves! It is very family friendly.
It was sort of a last minute plan to go down. I had an urge to go during the week and mentioned it to Mr. W. Then Friday night we went out to dinner at the Blue Monk. Mr. W is a bit of a regular there so our waiter asked us if we had weekend plans. I mentioned heading to the coast and the waiter said that when the ocean calls you have to go. Aha! See Mr. W that is what I have been telling you, the ocean is calling me!
So I loaded up the car the next morning with everything we would need and we drove out to the beach.
Checking out the surf like his grandfather before himHappiness is running barefoot in the sand

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