Friday, July 15, 2011

The carpet is in!

I met my mom and the curtain fabricator yesterday at my sister's condo. This was my first opportunity to check out the carpet after it has been installed. The nice thing about my mom being home is that she is taking over a lot of the management of the condo so I can take a back seat and the condo isn't consuming every waking moment of my life.
It is a patterned carpet that my mom and sister liked best so while wouldn't have been my first choice I think the color looks great with the wall color and once we get furniture moved in it won't look so busy. After the carpet was installed the two of them moved in most of her dishes and kitchen things. The whole process of moving is a little overwhelming to my sister. It touches on a lot of her Asperger's and her doctor has up her dose on her anxiety medication. So my mom is moving things in gradually rather than one giant moving day. Smart idea, especially since we aren't in a rush. I forget how many cat accessories she has though! Even for the kitchen! Anyway here is the green paint in the kitchen. I'm very happy with the way it turned out and how well it works with the adjacent blue of the dining room and living room. And not to toot my own horn, but the curtain guy kept raving about how great the green made the red of the cabinets stand out.
I can't remember if I included it before, but the bathroom paint became a bit of an issue. When my sister bought a new throw rug in a sea shell motif for the bathroom I assumed she was planning on having a new grown up bathroom for her new condo and losing the Emily the Strange stuff. I picked her paint color based on the bath mat. When she later told me she wasn't getting rid of the Emily stuff I was horrified at how awful the paint color would be with it. Mom has convinced her to switch to sea shells and no more Emily. her is the finished paint. I still need Mr. W to switch out the light fixture over the sink. I bought a blue shower curtain to tie in with the bath mat and the other day at Home Goods my sister found a few shell prints for the walls. They purchased a particle board desk from Office Depot and it was delivered without notice and just left on the walkway. Good thing my mom happened to be stopping by, but she had to move the whole thing inside by herself, and she has a bad shoulder. Which was the point of paying for delivery. In these photos you can see that she is in the midst of assembling the desk. I hope that works out for her.She also decided that rather than using my suggestion of buying ready made curtains and hemming them up to fit the window in the office that she'd rather pay to have custom ones in this room too. Since the curtain fabricator had to meet me to pick up the additional fabric for the bedroom we had him measure and give us yardage requirements for the office. i want the curtain rod to extend the full width of the walls here with an ample stack back to cover up this poorly placed electrical panel. (This is a dreadful photo)And although I charge up the camera before I left, it died and this is the only picture I got of the bedroom. I really like the textured carpet in here, as does my sister. It may not be the stripe she originally liked, but she is glad I found this for her. I am contemplating using this in our own bedroom if we don't do wool because we buy the Mt. Tabor house. If we stay for another 3 yrs I'd rather have wool. So everything is finally coming together. I think the plan is to have my Uncle D help move the furniture in on Sunday so that should be exciting. The curtains should be ready in about 3 weeks. I can't wait for that! I am still looking for a furniture piece to go in her living room against the wall by the window but I think I'd like to wait until everything is in before I decide on anything. I am also still looking for some sort of slipper or occasional chair to go in the corner of my sister's bedroom. Before meeting up with my mom yesterday I went to City Liquidators but found nothing that would work. I'm running out of places to search. I may walk over to Division St. today, there are a few cute boutiques that may have something for us.

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