Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finishes Finalized!

There has been a lot more running around for my sister's condo. The fabric has been purchased. Yesterday I placed the carpet order. Tonight I put together the final paint order so that my uncle can pick it up tomorrow and start the painting. It feels great to get this part completed, but I am exhausted! When is my mom going to be home? My poor Little Helper is beginning to dread going over to Auntie's condo. I feel bad because I hardly have time to get them fed and I'm just relying on the baby taking his naps in the car. That doesn't always happen; I feel like a bad Mommy.
In any event, here is what we have for the Living and Dining Rooms: The fabric is called Sunscape, color: Tropic and will allows us to pull in so many different colors as accent pieces. The paint will be Benjamin Moore Tear Drop Blue with Navajo White for the ceiling (in the entire apartment). The carpet will be acut pile that has arabesques in it called Blessed View color: Cat Tail. No joke, we had it narrowed down to two brown colors that would work with the fabric and when she saw the word Cat, the decision was made.
In her bedroom we have Grey raw-silk-look fabric called Shinto color: Gray for the curtains and the black & white graphic fabric for the headboard is Gallilee color: Metal. this room will have a different carpet which is reminiscent of bamboo called St. Croix color: Watersport. The walls will be BM Cement Gray and the accent wall behind the headboard will be BM Deep Rose. Lastly there is the Office which is getting away from me. Unfortunately I had to take my sister with me to the fabric store to meet with the drapery man and while browsing around to see if there were any fabrics that she liked better for the windows she spied a cat fabric. And it was not good. I talked her out of it for the curtains because it isn't the right fabric weight. But now this fabric is in her head and she called me a few days later to tell me she still likes it and wants to reupholster the "shell chair " in it. I cringe just thinking about this awesome chair being sentenced to a life covered in cat fabric. But I decided to not worry about it for now. I told her that is a project she and mom can work on when she returns. This way I don' t have to tell her no. I feel a little guilty though. I keep telling her this is her condo, she can do what she wants and doesn't have to listen to Mom's opinion, and then I do the exact same thing to her. I know cat things will be in this house, but I want to start out with her having a nice, grown up place. A place that she loves even with nary a cat tchotchke in sight.
Anyway, the carpet will be the same Blessed View, Cat Tail as the main rooms, and BM Arizona Tan on the walls. It is a nice brown that can work with just about anything in case this cat fabric doesn't materialize. (Hahaha)
Tomorrow we will meet with the drapery guy during which he'll do a field measure. More running around. I'm sure my boys will love it.

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