Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paint progress at the condo

There was a little melodrama Sunday night with my Uncle feeling discouraged when he pulled up the painter's tape in the office and found it had bled through. He had spent so much time prepping and fastidiously wrapping all the trim in blue tape that seeing the bleed through put him over the edge. I don't blame him, but felt like having my sister follow behind with Goof-off on a rag would remedy the problem. That sort of tedious work is the kind of task in which she excels. However it took me 25 minutes on the phone with him and another 15 minutes on the phone with her to talk them both down and make a plan for her to go and check it out yesterday. I needed a break and was NOT willing to go over there until after the holiday.
I planned on cleaning out the basement with Mr. W Saturday and maybe getting a sitter for the baby and taking Our Little Helper to see Cars 2. Instead I spent 5 hours driving around going to her apartment to mock up the headboard, back to the fabric store since we are short on curtain fabric for her bedroom, and then to Cost Plus to buy an occasional chair for her living room while my coupon was still valid. By the end of the day I was really feeling mad and under appreciated. Next time my mom buys a condo for my sister (which will never happen, this is her forever house) she needs to suck up the extra month's rent if she just so happens to be going out of the country for 3 weeks the day after closing. Arrrgh!!!
So Day 1 of the 3 day weekend was spent on the condo and day 2 was devoted to cleaning up rat poop in the basement. I was disappointed.
Anyway, Uncle M made great progress and my sister isn't bothered by the bleed through on the baseboards. If it doesn't bother her, then it doesn't bother me. And if my mom says anything about it I will have to resist the urge to punch her in the face. Okay, that is drastic, but I'm feeling angry. Thinking happy, peaceful thoughts now while I post some progress pictures:
The office is practically complete in BM Arizona TanA first coat of the grey (BM Cement Gray) and red accent wall (BM Deep Rose) in the bedroomHe started cutting in the blue in the dining room and living roomShe is so cute because she is so excited about the paint color and keeps talking about how things are going to be "popping" with the paint color. I'm glad she likes it.

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  1. Wow - glad you were able to keep your cool, sounds very stressful! I am sure it will all be appreciated on return, and glad your sis is excited about the colors popping!