Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tricks and treats

 Our Little Helper's school does a Hallowe'en  parade, which is a big deal I hear. Each class marches around to show off their costumes.  This year it was in the school cafeteria, with all the parents who are able to attend sitting in the bleachers. Afterward the students head back to their classrooms for a party of games and healthy snacks.  All the children looked so cute int heir costumes.
I had planned to make pumpkin soup for dinner, but we had a bnap snafu so I ended up ordering a pizza and then ended up having to go drive to pick it up after Mr. W came home. And then it was finally time to go trick or treating. Baby Boy is wearing the cow costume and OLH was a dragon (no surprise there.)
 Baby Boy got into his brother's candy early, he's too darn resourceful.  So sticky!

 We thought we'd have a chance to get out and do a little early trick or treating as a family before we started to receive our own ToTers. Baby Boy quickly caught on to the concept of knocking on doors to get stuff. OLH was hesitant to say "trick or treat" or "thank you" very loudly.
 But he was all about ringing bells and knocking on doors. He was also very polite about only taking as much candy as was offered to him and helping his brother get his pieces.  (I love that they each have a Longaberger basket as does the front door.)
 I went along to a few houses and then went home to hand out candy. We surprisingly only had 6 groups of ToTers all night. Apparently the big draw is a couple blocks away. Then Mr. W brought Baby Boy home for bedtime and I went back out with OLH. He certainly enjoyed the evening. I just love talking to him, he brings me so much joy.
As he and I headed back to our house for bedtime, I could hear a group of ToTers behind us going on and on about how pretty our house was. They weren't far behind us when we went inside. I could hear the little girl asking Mr. W how many children we had. He was oblivious to her question and gave her an answer about how she could take two pieces of candy. I began to feel guilty, like maybe she thinks this house is so big that surely we should have more than just the one son she saw our ToTing. I wanted to say, "No we have 3 children!" to assuage my guilt for having such a formidable looking house.
So after we put OLH to bed I asked Mr. W what he thought about me testing that night rather than waiting until the morning. With the children in bed, technically Hallowe'en was over so if I had a negative, I would spoil the day. If I tested at night instead of waiting til the morning I would probably guarantee myself a better night's sleep, rather than waking up prematurely multiple times through out the night. Mr. W was agreeable since he had to get up early the next day for an early meeting.
Back upstairs I went to POAS. Before I had time to finish washing my hands and walk back down stairs to see the results with him, up popped "Pregnant" on the test. Happy surprise! I rushed down the stairs to shove the pee stick in Mr. W's face. His reaction of "What?!" was a little underwhelming. Especially when he repeated, "What?!" But I think we are both thrilled, but shocked.  This is such a relief! We both decided we needed a few pictures to memorialize this moment, our final pregnancy.
 Did I mention I was still dressed in costume? This word is thrilling. I kept looking at the stick for the rest of the night.
So I guess this means we won't be making it to the wedding in Spain next summer as we'll be due in July. I'm disappointed to miss it, but the rewards are far greater.