Monday, July 2, 2012

St. Peter's Day

I keep meaning to do St. Peter's day because we love fish and it seems like such a great idea for seasonal eating in the summer.  Also, Mr. W loves watching Gordon Ramsay shows so we're always hearing about the john dory which is also called St. Peter's fish because of the spot on the side of it. It is supposed to be symbolic of the thumb print of St. Peter from the fish he threw back into the water.
I never see john dory fish here in the grocery store, and I don't have much reason to go to specialty markets.  I considered trying to hunt some down, but we've been a bit busy and Mr.W has been working late that I decided to find an alternative.  Any fish would be a good tribute to the fisherman anyway, right!
I bookmarked this recipe for St.Peter's fish with parsley sauce last year and have been looking forward to making it.  This recipe calls for tilapia anyway.  I have read conflicting information on what IS St. Peter's fish.  When we went to get the tilapia, we decided the red snapper looked better so that is what we settled upon.
Mr. W made beet greens for our vegetable and yukon gold mashed potatoes.  I was really happy with how the fish turned out, I highly recommend the parsley sauce.  I was too full for seconds even though I really would have liked some. (I wonder if the drugs are effecting my appetite? haha!)

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