Friday, July 27, 2012

Cycle #12, Follistim

Today is CD3 and I have an appointment to go in this afternoon for a baseline ultrasound and blood work.  My doctor won't be in today so I'll be seeing a different RE.  I had the nurse verify yesterday that my RE would approve me moving on to Follisitim since the Letrozole did not work.  He did approve it and has me set to start at 75 iu, which is the quantity that gave us success with Baby Boy.  I didn't get to speak with him, but I'm assuming he is going back to this number rather than the 50 iu he suggested we start at at our consultation appointment a few months ago.
The sent the prescription in right away and I received a call from the pharmacy.  I decided to go pick it up yesterday since I anticipate today's apt with 2 little boys to be enough of an experience.  Sigh! $890.00 in drugs! That's money I won't be spending on wallpaper any time soon.  LOL! Instead I'm investing in follisitim, ovidrel, and crinone, which will be a new med for me. I'm hoping to not have the itch reaction that I had to the prometrium.
Mainly though, I'm just hoping to have success so I can put all this behind me.

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