Monday, July 9, 2012

CD12 ultrasound

I have been so ecited to find out how I might have responded to the Letrozole!  I was not disappointed at today's appointment.
First the doctor described my lining as 'beautiful', at 10 and pointed out the line running through the middle of it which he said indicates that it is ready to accept embryos. Yay! Then he found one 25mm follicle on one side and a 23.5mm follicle on the other side.  Pretty big considering I'm only CD12.  Becasue I ovulated on CD18 last time and no one asked me to do it in advance of today's appointment I had not been using OPKs.  Since the nurse asked me to empty my bladder right before the ultrasound I wasn't able to provide them with a sample so they drew my blood to see if I have a positive LH surge on my own.  If not they wanted to trigger me as soon as possible so I could have TI tomorrow.
I knew it was cutting it close since I had a dentist appointment scheduled next, but I went to Starbucks to wait around for the blood work results.  The idea of having to drive back later in the day with one or both of the boys for the injection was NOT appealing. I was having a good day.  I had 4 people complement me on my necklace, the RE, the blood work technician, the billing lady, and the Starbucks waitress.  Maybe I should dress nicely and wear jewelry more often. Oh, wait, I'm running around with two little boys all day!  Hahaha!
My LH number came back at 46.3 which means I'm ovulating on my own so I was able to save $90 on the ovidrel shot and we should have TI tonight and tomorrow.  I'm a little worried about the chance for multiples.  And a little lingering worry that I may never have a daughter, but I'm excited and hopeful and can't get this silly grin off my face. Fingers crossed!