Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shopping for school uniforms

I ordered My Little Helper's school uniforms. One of the online retailers was offering penny logos on shirts and one of the other parents had alerted me to the good deal. I wasn't sure what to order though or how many of each item.  I remember how many pants and shirts and sweatshirts I had when I was in school, but I was older and a girl.  I didn't get nearly as dirty as my son does!
I started with 3 pairs of pants and if that isn't enough I can add more later.  I also purchased  several long sleeve and short sleeve polo shirts in mixed colors.  The uniforms are khaki pants, with white, navy, or hunter shirts.  I also got him a green, zippered, hooded sweatshirt since he loves hoodies. I'm looking forward to seeing him in his school uniform, I only wish there was some way that the boys could also wear plaid!


  1. You would seriously wish plaid upon him?

  2. Well, a little plaid tie for school Mass days? I think it would be darling, but they can't even wear button up dress shirts. Very strict.
    hahaha I wasn't thinking of the optional plaid bell-bottoms from our school uniform days! :)