Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cycle #11

When does 4 days feel like 4 years?  When you are waiting for your period to arrive after a BFN HPT! I think that is part of the reason I don't test early, I'd rather have hope while waiting for a period then get a negative early and then be bitter for another week while waiting to start bleeding. In any event, after I tested at dawn on Sunday, AF didn't arrive until about 10 PM Wednesday night!
Thursday was a nice day so I decided to take the boys to the zoo.  Once I got us loaded into the car I remembered that I needed to call my RE to set up an appointment for an ultrasound on CD3.  Since my period arrived after 5 PM they don't consider that a cycle day.  I'm not sure why my cycle days are Jewish going from to sundown to sundown when I am Catholic, but whatever.  I was surprised when the nurse asked if I could come in that morning like within 30 minutes for the ultrasound.  "Uh, well..." And then I realized I already have the boys loaded into the car I may as well do it.  I told her I'd try to see if my mom would come meet me there to watch them (or I could even drop them off at her house and probably still get there in time.) Unfortunately I was not able to reach her, but this ultra sound experience with both boys was a lot better than my last one with just Baby Boy in attendance.
They just got new ultrasound machines so there was a rep there to give my doctor a tutorial through the whole exam.  Everything looked good though.  He decided to start me on a slightly higher dose of 5 mg of Letrozole since I ovulated so late last cycle.  I asked if the fact that I show Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) would also mean it is not too risky to use a higher dose and he agreed. He and I just talked about adding a trigger (at my insistence) and timed intercourse rather than IUI and that I should return on July 9th for a monitoring appointment.  Also I don't need to pick up the trigger shot at a pharmacy, they should have it in their office when I am ready for it.
It wasn't until I was checking out that I remembered that Mr. W told me he may have to go to Europe on business right around the time I would need him to be here to ...complete our mission.  So I had to have the nurse come out and discussed what would be required if we needed to switch to IUI.  Mr. W would first need to go in an have an infectious diseases screen, and after results in a about two days he could come in to leave a sample to freeze. This means he needs to figure out from work whether or not he is going enough in advance for him to do all this before flying out.
So, I'm not technically supposed to be doing IUI, right?  Sure, but if I'm going to go through the expense and potential side effects of fertility drugs I don't want to have it all be for naught if he does infact have to go out of town. And he never seems to know in advance and I need to start taking the drugs today.
Later on I thought about how some people do back to back IUIs. I'll have to check with the RE to see if that would be worth it given our situation of needing to use frozen sperm, or if it even matters at all considering Mr. W's numbers have always been good.
I picked up the Letrozole and the pharmacist went on and on about the side effects and wanting me to be sure I understood everything before I left.  I was actually surprised when they rang me up that I only had to pay $4.  I was expecting it to be more and she mentioned that my insurance was paying $153.  Letrozole is technically a breast cancer drug, and must be coded as such because our insurance certainly doesn't cover IF.
Here is my current daily dose of pills:
(2) Letrozole {1 pill 2x a day}
(1) prenatal vitamin
(2) Fish oil capsules
(1) B12 vitamin
(1) D3 vitamin
(6) Cinnamon & Poria herbal supplement {2 pills 3x a day}

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