Friday, July 6, 2012

Letrozole side effects

I took my final pill on the 4th.  The side effects weren't too bad, and I'll admit I was a little freaked out based upon how much the pharmacist was stressing that I read all the possible side effects before I left the store. I definitely got hot flashes and would wake up pretty sweaty, even though it was still rainy in Portland in late June and early July. One night DH and I got into an argument about I-don't-know-what.  And he said, "Why are you picking on everything I do?!" And I started laughing because I had NO idea why I was being so critical and irritated.  Mood swings aren't one of the Letrozole side effects like they are on clomid, but I certainly can't explain why I was so upset over nothing.
On Monday while Baby Boy was at daycare, but My Little Helper's Nature Preschools haven't started yet I took him on a date to the cinema to see Brave.  Lordy, did I cry! Just when I thought I was resigned to be happy whether I have a daughter or not I watch a movie focused on a red headed girls relationship with her mother! I hope God's plan still includes me mothering a daughter, because I will be perplexed at why I feel so strongly drawn to it if it isn't my calling.
Anyway, it's nice to be done with the Letrozole though and I'm busy drinking green tea instead of regular tea. For the life of me I can't remember what that is supposed to improve, maybe my lining?  Oh, well, I can certainly continue to suffer through drinking green tea if it will slightly increase my chances at another pregnancy! I have a monitoring appointment on Monday and I'm hoping that this drug will yield good results.
We finally found where we packed the follistim pen, but unfortunately the case was empty save for a few needles.  The pen itself must have been in with the box of left over follistim in the fridge that Mr. W pitched when me moved.  Too bad, but hopefully we won't need it and if we do hopefully we don't learn that they were expensive.
Mr. W went in to have the screening  so that he could leave a sperm sample fore an IUI, but it has been determined at the last minute, as always, that no one needs to go to Europe this weekend so he should be available to be here for us to have timed intercourse rather than an insemination. Such a relief! I did not want to have to coordinate childcare around all of that!

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