Monday, June 18, 2012

Sacred Heart of Jesus

This is my second year of making snacks for the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Since I decided last year's rice krispy treat was too much sweets, this year I used watermelon for the main heart.  I was planning on using raisins for the thorns, but I couldn't find any in the pantry so I used chopped chocolate morsels again.  The flames on top are strawberries.
In theory I love this idea, but it is way to early for watermelon and as you can see these were pink and didn't taste very good.

I also  bought some heart shaped crackers and covered them with some port wine cheese spread. Mr. W said he wasn't used to having that cheese outside of Christmastime, hahaha.
 My sister in law and her husband were in town for the weekend so I set the table with this crocheted tablecloth that their aunt made.
We also had our first Sunday dinner at the dining room table in our new dining room. (It's amazing how shifting over to the next table can make such a difference. We used the Moonlight Rose china and blue glass wine glasses, they complement the Colonial style leaded glass windows much more than the wallpaper I had in our other dining room. And we dined on Cooper River Salmon, our second time within 4 days.  You have to take advantage when it is in season for such a short time!

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