Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Bee Tea

 Now that we have to get cable My Little Helper is a big fan of the Mickey Mouse Playhouse.  In one recent episode they had a party for their friend a bee; they had honey baked ham, honeydew melon, and honey cakes.  I was inspired to have our own bee themed party; it seems I have seen this several time in Victoria magazine too.
But then we had to wait until we had that hard to attain combination of nice enough weather  and no other plans before we could have our Bee Tea.  We finally had both yesterday afternoon so while Baby Boy was sleeping MLH and I prepared for our tea.  I used a hemmed piece of yellow gingham which was draped over a curtain rod in our bathroom.  Since I'm no fan of yellow I took it down and planned to donate it until I realized that it could work as a summery outdoor tablecloth, and this was the perfect opportunity. MLH was very earnest in helping me spread out the tablecloth and holding onto his own side.
Then he suggested we pick some flowers which I was planning on doing anyway, but I was thrilled at him feeling it was important!  Our new garden has enormous clumps of big, white daisies and they finally came into bloom so we were able to pick a bunch and fill up our yellow vase.  I also picked another wispy yellow flower that is unknown to me.
When were down in the basement rooting around thru unpacked boxes trying to find the vase MLH noticed the 3 tiered tray and felt we had to have it for our Bee Tea.  How cute and sweet is that? Then we discussed which foods we would put on which levels.
Inspired as I was by Mickey Mouse, I made finger sandwiches of honey glazed ham, provolone cheese, and sliced honeydew. I intended to make them on mini croissants, but I had bought them several days earlier, had been waiting for the weather to clear, gave up and we ate them before they went bad the previous day.  Regular sliced bread yields more sandwiches to fill up the bottom tier anyway so it all works out in the end.
 Next we had crumpets, and finally bee chocolates.

The Fred Meyer has a Moonstruck display case and on a whim I checked to see if they had any bee shaped truffles and to our delight they did! 3 little bees!

As I was searching for dishes I found the amber carnival glass dessert plates, I realized I had honey flavored Greek yogurt in the fridge which could also be a part of our tea.  The tea cups and saucers are all mismatched though, I must have the rest of the LuRay dishes in my mom's basement.

The burlap bee wine sack I hadn't had an opportunity to use before and this honey was a party favor from the most recent baby shower I attended. I added a little square of bee fabric to dress up a jar of lemon curd.

I adore this honey dispenser we received as a wedding gift. And the jam pot has a little bee moulded on top.  Frankly, I was surprised I was able to locate everything!
MLH wanted both honey AND jam on his crumpet!
Baby Boy loved the yogurt and bird watching.
We looked through our bookshelves to see if we had any stories about bees; the closest we could find was Pooh's Honey Party.  We brought down the other bee toys too. I read aloud and we enjoyed our little alfresco Bee Tea.


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