Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl Baby Fever

Over the weekend we went up to Seattle so I could attend a baby shower for Mrs. PP who is due with a baby girl in early July.  Plus this coming weekend I'll be traveling back up solo for the baby shower for Mrs. Z's twin daughters.  I took the boys with me to Milagros to get some baby gifts and had such fun picking out girl clothes.  Of course nothing pink since I despise that color, but there are still so many sweet little outfits, diaper covers, and shoes to consider!
The last time I was up there I noticed that Mrs. Z had a 70s bassinet that she and her sister used to sleep in.  It looks so similar to mine that my sister and I slept in so I decided to bring it up and loan it to her for when the girls outgrow the one bassinet.  The General also loaded up our car with baby things that their twins have outgrown.  The Z's girls were born premature at 32 weeks and have been in the NICU since April 21, the day we moved.  Baby R had just been released last Wednesday so I was able to see and hold her when I was dropping off the baby things at their house.  She is so sweet and tiny and perfect looking! I always think, "Gee, I forget how tiny they are when they are born!" but then I quickly remember that my boys were so big at birth that that is why I boys never were that small.
My Little Helper was completely enamored with Baby R.  He totally wants a baby sister and wants me to name her Sid.  (He also suggested that his cousin be named Sid when he was born last December. What can I say, the boy loves the name Sid!) He kept coming over to look at R as I was holding her and he did not seem jealous at all. Neither did Baby Boy.  He seemed pretty indifferent about the whole thing.  Baby Boy does like babies though.  He likes to get down to their level and check them out and smiles at them. My Little Helper kept asking if he could pet baby R's arm.  Oh, how I would love to give him a baby sister!!!
I was still doing my clomid challenge test over the weekend and wouldn't you know it my Cycle Day 10 landed on a Sunday!  My RE's office gave me a cool transport container and said that I could have my blood drawn up there, there is no lee way on when the blood is drawn, but it doesn't have to be tested that same day.  Our friends suggested we go to an urgent care in Capitol Hill because of it's close proximity to the baby shower at the Japanese Garden. Our Little Helper has been complaining of his penis hurting him and coupled with frequent 'accidents' I suspected a UTI so we both checked in at urgent care.  It took forever! They ought to have just sent me down to the lab right away, but instead the nurse said they would call the lab to send someone up to draw my blood.  That was a mistake.  The lab never did.  I kept waiting and waiting.  We eventually got a sample out of OLH and it was negative.  So no UTI, but probably a yeast infection which we can treat over the counter.
At this point I decided I 'd just go down to the lab, good thing since they sounded like they never got the request anyway.  They seemed incredibly reluctant to draw my blood and give it back to me.  Supervisers had to be called in.  They kept calling around the hospital to ask to speak with managers.  At one point they told me they wouldn't be able to do it because I am not registered there and the office would have to do it, but they aren't open until Monday.  I was about to release my clomid craizes on them!  The surperviser went into the back room to speak with yet another person.  I plotted my freak out.  What would I do if they wouldn't draw my blood?  I'm totally missing the baby shower at this point which was the whole reason I was in this mess in the first place.  I was beside myself, pacing the lab.  Then she returned and said they would do it, but it would take a half hour for them to spin it.  Mr. W said he'd drop me off so I wouldn't miss any more of the shower and would come back to pick up the sample.  He said when he returned they refused to put the blood into the transport container because they weren't trained on it.  It involved unscrewing the top and dropping it inside. Sigh! What a major pain in the neck.  The buck stops nowhere apparently.
Mr. W noticed the container was leaking on the way home.  Or rather the vial was leaking so the part that they were trained on they didn't do right!  I had another freak out worrying that all that had been for nothing and I still wouldnt be able to get the testing done.  When I dropped of my sample Monday morning though a lab tech checked it and said that it would be fine and there would be plenty to work with. Whew!
I received the results of my test on Tuesday:
  • My FSH was 9.83 on CD 10 (up from 5.49 on CD1) and they like to see it below 10. 
  •  My AMH was 0.31 and they like to see it above 1.
So basically my egg quality is good, but my egg quantity is below average. I asked if these results would change the protocol my doctor has recommended for this next cycle or if he would instead go back to follistim.  The nurse reported that he would still recommend doing Letrozole.  With this news though I am certain that I'm only willing to try one cycle of it and then go back to gonadatropins which I know work for me. I also think we will skip trying to conceive this cycle.  I know as an infertile that sounds like madness, especially since I am medicated,  but I'd kick myself if I got pregnant this cycle with a boy (or two) instead of waiting to at least try the MicroSort.
Mr. W and I have our Skype call with the MicroSort doctor this afternoon.  I am over the moon excited about it still!  I've got the Girl Baby Fever, and I've got it bad!!

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