Friday, June 22, 2012

A shopping trip to the Aurora Colony

We have many things on our 'to do' list.  That list didn't include adding railing to the exterior basement stairs, yet that was a top priority for our insurance adjuster.  I thought if I have to add some railings there I may as well make it look pretty and use some salvage metalwork. I have been wanting to go out to the Aurora Colony since we moved in so I could browse for Aesthetic Era casegoods and furniture.  I thought Aurora Mill would be a perfect place for railings too.  My mom agreed to babysit the boys so I could head out for an afternoon alone.
What a treat!  Whenever I am driving in the countryside I am so grateful that we live in such a pretty part of the country, driving through farmlands with views of snow covered mountains when one turns a corner.  So lucky that we have such beauty so close to the city. It was super sunny yesterday too! All the antique shops are in old bungalows, storefronts, train depots or mills and everything was decorated with bunting and hanging flower baskets.  So cheery to put one in the mood to shop!

In my favorite shop I found a fascinating Art Deco curio cabinet that I thought might work in a narrow spot between a light switch and a vent.  It has glass shelves above and it has interior lights.  I thought we could store stemware above and stack china in the doors below.
I couldn't get the doors to open, but I was able to pull open the drawer and found this label inside. My favorite baby name right now and the piece was made in Tacoma.
 It 30"w which is my max for the space, but it's only 5' h which might be silly.  That would only be half the height of the wall, and it would be better to maximize our storage (since we hoard too many dishes) with a taller furniture piece.
Eventually I made my way over to the Mill.
 Outside there were some railings, but none of them were in the 10-11' range which I need.  Instead I found (2) 6' sections of railing with ball finials, which seems very Victorian to me, with ivy leaf ornaments. The piece with the newel post was $595 so pretty expensive since I'd need two.  I suddenly remembered that Aurora Mills has a reputation for being overpriced.

 Inside I found some more railings but they were all still much shorter than I required.  The best I could find was the sections in the back which are asymmetrical.  They are only 4'8" long.
 But then I noticed this little 2'6" section which would give me a bit more length than I needed, but wouldn't be a problem.  I was able to find a price tag for the shorter section, $, but couldn't see one for the ones in the back.  A couple people had to come out to help me figure it out and I learned they are marked at $1,200 a pair, but they could give me 10% off. I think Mr. W might have a heart attack, but I don't know how much he was planning on spending.
 I also noticed some wrought iron newel posts on my way out.  I thought as an alternative I could have a salvage newel at the end and then a length of new railing fabricated up against it.  The ones in the left side of the photo were all marked at $395.  I of course like this bigger one that reminded me more of the wrought iron outside Brownstones in Brooklyn and the townhouses in Capitol Hill.  And I couldn't find a price tag on it either.  I figure I'll show it to Mr. W and see what he thinks before I move forward with this idea.
 I decided to give up the hunt for now, and although my budget is small I found a couple small pieces I thought I would regret not bringing home with me.  The first was a diamond shaped bamboo occasional table.  I already have a bamboo plant stand and a sewing table so I knew it would compliment them and the rest of my chinoiserie theme in the Parlor. I'm so glad I went for it, it looks awesome in the front bay window!

The second item was a white wicker planter.  I feel like the original front porch is looking a little forlorn and barren.  I know seating is out of our price range right now, but one little plant by the front door will go a long way in looking welcoming.  I'm thinking maybe white geraniums since it gets a lot of sun.

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