Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Highly offensive neon

If you are looking for neon signage, mid century architecture, and ethnic restaurants then the Eighty Deuce is the place for you! Of course 82nd Ave. is totally sketchy and a good place to see prostitution in action, but you will also find an interesting mix of 1920's storybook style cottages and bungalows built before the road was widened and a major thoroughfare as well as mid-century infill like motels, supermarkets, and 'suburban' restaurants. And it is rife with neon!
The most offensive of all is the Canton Grill. There are many American style Chinese restaurants along this street and many modern Asian grocery stores and businesses. Somehow this 'Chinaman' has survived our PC world.I have long wanted to try this restaurant, if for nothing else an opportunity to photograph the sign before someone comes to their senses and takes it down. But Mr. W is scared of most things on the Eighty Deuce, so I've never been. It wasn't until the H-Gs came for Christmas that I had the opportunity and dining companions. We took the boys for a mid week lunch.
There is another non illuminated sign snugged between the restaurant and the minimart next door.I didn't decide I liked Chinese food until my 30s, so I'm no expert on it, but Mr. & Ms. H-G thought it was really good. They were a bit surprised that Mr. W never is willing to try it as they believe that even American Chinese food has its place. The interior was an awesome time warp of a business with a long and popular history. The walls were covered in 1950s black and white photographs of some pretty fun looking parties with the ladies all in Cantonese style dresses. And the prices were very, very reasonable. I'd definitely eat here again if I can talk Mr. W into it.

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