Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 3 on the market

As the kids would say, I'm a hot mess. I am so stressed out about being on the market. I went to bed with a headache, I woke up with a head ache, my face is totally broken out. Yesterday was our Dealer's Open, and apparently we had a really good turn out. Our Realtor told us she can't remember the last time they had such a good response. And, from what she told us everyone really liked what we have done with the house and everyone kept saying it was gorgeous. That makes me feel good.
I have to admit that having my house on the market is kind of like having your child in the school spelling bee or first piano recital, I'm so worried how well she will do and if people will appreciate her 'talent'.
Although I still worry that I didn't get everything as perfectly staged as I would have liked. It was hard with the boys jumping on the bed immediately after I made it and tossing everything out of the garbage can. I ended up putting Baby Boy in the crib just to keep him from destroying things, which of course made him scream like crazy. I ended up leaving a giant pile of dinosaurs because I couldn't get to them before we had to leave the house for My Little Helper's dentist appointment; I hoped our Realtors could figure out something to do with them for the Open. I frantically packed up the car with stuff and the boys and headed out only to get half way to the dentist before I realized I'd forgotten my wallet, which I would need to by lunch for the boys since I had no idea how long I'd have to stay away from the house.
In our listing I have requested 1 hr notice. I did this because I want to be as flexible as possible; I anticipate lots of nap times spent driving around in the car. What I didn't realize was that Realtors would take me at my word. I had two of them call to schedule viewings exactly one hour in advance. I guess I expected that to be the exception to the norm, rather than all the notice I would get. I will stick it out a few more days like this and see how bad it gets, but I may have to change it to 2-4 hrs notice, otherwise the boys and I may become a cranky mess soon. As it was the morning nap was spent driving out to Banks with a drive through Krispy Kreme on the the return. But as I headed home we received another call so I took the boys to my mom's and spent the rest of the day there until we met Mr. W in NW for dinner to wait out our final showing of the day.
Today the baby woke up with a stomach virus and barfed on me after I nursed him. No doubt he picked up something on his first day of daycare, so now delayed guilt has set in. I drove through his morning nap today even though we have had no viewing scheduled for today, but we do have one first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully one of these early showings will yield our buyer. Fingers crossed!

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