Saturday, January 14, 2012

In search of a Chesterfield style sofa

I hate our futon. I find it extremely uncomfortable to sit on because the cushion constantly slides down and pushes out the seat depth. But when Mr. W bought his first television after we began dating , the futon seemed like the best idea to him because it was collapsable enough to get it upstairs, where the tv room was then located, and it could double as a guest bed. I never liked it though, and have cursed it these past nine years.
Recently though Mr. W has come to share my animosity for the futon. While we both acknowledge that we'll be extremely broke after we buy a house, he and I have both been thinking about how we could squeeze a new sofa into the budget. And while it may or not be wise, we both would prefer leather. I feel it is easier to keep clean. He thinks it is more comfortable and durable.
I have never bought a sofa for myself, but if I had it would have had a camel back with rolled arms. And upholstered in corduroy. Ah, I love corduroy!!! I did eventually develop an appreciation for the Chesterfield style sofa. The tufted back, the warm toned leather, the nail head trim. Delightful! And if it could also have a camel back I'd be over the moon!
So I am spending this rainy Saturday evening browsing online for potential sofas.
EA has a couple in leather, but I think the Chadwick at 86" l would be a better fit in the family room of the Mt. Tabor house.
This Whitaker is a bit more traditional Chesterfield due to the straight back.
PB calls theirs the Chesterfield, but at 96"l I worry it might be too large for the room considering I think we need to have it double as a casual family dining room. But if we end up with 3 teenage boys, I can see that all those ninety six inches would come in handy.
RH appears to only have an upholstered version,the Kensington, which won't work for our purposes, but I do enjoy the tufting on the apron.There are few furniture brands that Parker Furniture carries. The Kent is 89" l overall. I also like the Olivier as a more feminine version. And forgive me for getting distracted, but I would love to eventually have something like the Boudoir Loveseat in our bedroom. Swoon! This would be a l o n g time in the future before we could afford furniture up there though!
T-ville has and interpretation called the Rendezvous which looks extremely comfortable. They have another tufted back sofa called the Ella, which while I like how fun it is, I know I could never talk Mr. W into it.WSH has a Chesterfield sofa, but the leather version is over $6,000...I don't know why everything in that store is so overpriced.
MG has 3 different length options for their Chester.When I ran out of ideas of furniture stores in the vicinity, I did a general online search. The cheapest leather chesterfield I found was $999, but only available in blue leather. I showed it to Mr. W who responded, "No, that is nasty. We are only buying a good sofa."
Hahaha! I love him so much!
This is a good looking version; I like the fully tufted look, but I do worry that a tufted seat is going to be filled with so much gunk from little boys. Plus, I really would not feel comfortable ordering something substantial, like a sofa, online with out being able to test it out in person.
And at any rate, we still don't have a contract to buy as of this afternoon, so we aren't in the position to make a purchase. It is fun to plan though!

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