Monday, January 23, 2012

We're on the market!

I am so nervous I could barf! We have been cleaning and fixing and staging and prepping these past few days and I think we have everything ready. Or almost ready. As ready as we are going to be for the Realtor's Open tomorrow. I am freaking out though! How on earth am I going to be able to keep the house in a constant state of clean with two little boys running around, literally pulling everything off the shelves behind me as I put them away?
Today was our Snack Day at preschool, but I let Mr. W double book me, scheduling the bark dust blow in at the same time. Today was also the first day of putting Baby Boy in a daycare. If I wasn't so crazy busy I would have felt more guilty about leaving him there at 13 mo old. So, after dropping off the baby, then starting off at Snack Day, I had to run home to meet the bark dusters. They had already blown in most of the back yard. There was also a man there digging the post hole for the yard sign, so much activity happening at the bungalow! After preschool I made a last trip to Hippo Hardware to get some inexpensive, not sentimental, vintage glass shades for the upstairs bathroom.
By the time I returned home the sign post had been installed and the front bed was looking sharp and tidy with it's new coat of bark dust. I parked the car and felt like I was going to have a heart attack! Seeing the sign post seemed so final. This is really happening! The rest of the yard looks so clean and tidy now. I hope all our efforts pay off and that potential home buyers like what they see.
Later in the afternoon, after I had both the boys back home with me, our Realtors came over for a walk through and to hang the sign. I think Mr. W and I have checked off every item from that list but one, and I may be pulling an all-nighter doing laundry and mopping the floors again. So nerve wracking! But kind of exciting too.

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