Friday, December 30, 2011

Tartan Tree

After cutting down a tree this year, we decorated it upon our return from Arch Cape with Mr.W's sister and brother in law. In the past I have covered it in tartan bows, but I couldn't find those shorter ribbons in the box I thought they ought to be in, so I strung the tree with tartan ribbon instead.
My Little Helper was of course helping me with the lights and everything and was very concerned that the tree was "not pretty enough" More ornaments are needed in his opinion. He hung up many ornaments himself, you may notice his 'cluster' technique of about 3-4 glass balls per branch! Mrs. Hg decorated the tree with us. It has been so nice having her here to visit. I really wish we could live in the same city again someday!
She asked me why we have no proper tree topper, a angel or even a star. The truth is I have never found anything Ilike enough. And a little part of me is hoping that I could hold out until our Black Forest sabbatical bike trip. That is a long time in the future, and frankly it would probably be better to go during the winter so we can take advantage of the Advent stalls. Somehow I feel like German Christmas tree toppers will be much better than any made in China thing I can find here in the department stores. So for now I content myself with more tartan ribbon, much to My Little Helper's dismay.
Now that he is one baby Boy is trying to feed himself. Sometimes he hasn't quite figured which end of the spoon to use.But he is learning! And hopefully soon he'll begin to eat more of the table foods I offer him. So far it is a limited number of foods that he won't spit out.

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