Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OMG! We did have a bidding war!

And it wasn't even with one of the fence sitters! The first offer came from the couple who saw it on Saturday and the second offer was from a single guy who saw it on Sunday. He had called and asked a lot of "good" questions about the house earlier in the week before he saw it.Like what was under the carpet in the bedrooms upstairs, things that make it seem serious.

So while the couple initially offered $10K less than our asking price, they made and amendment and both sent in offers of $5k more! OMG! I can't believe it! I was so, so discouraged on Friday. I'm feeling shell shocked right now, like I shouldn't get too excited because it is too good to be true.

We decided to accept the couple's offer because they had more earnest money, more money down, will let us occupy for 7 days at no charge, shortening the inspection period to 7 days, and aren't asking for closing costs. She really loves the nursery, they are hoping to start a family soon.

The single guy asked for us to pay $7k of his closing costs, would charge us rent for the week after closing, is using his 401K for the down payment, and asked for an alternate inspection form rather than the standard professional inspection. (Our REA said that that form sometimes makes lenders question the motivation, like what is wrong with the house? So that was a flaw in her eyes.) I really liked his love letter to the house better though. He really, really likes my house! He loves the exact shade I stained the woodwork; he wants to get vintage appliances for the kitchen, which I would like but Mr. W isn't into. He's a kindred spirit! But I know it would be dumb to sell the house based on that alone.

We sent a minor addendum to the couple this morning just to clarify our exclusions (the Povey windows and the Irene Watts rose bush) and make sure we saw their letter from their bank with their higher offer price (the bank had already closed yesterday when they made the change to their offer). They are very excited and happy with those changes. Mr. W will be signing the revised papers shortly.

We also let the single guy know that we will send an addendum to have him be our first back up and he is very open to that. Our Realtor wants to get him closer to the first offer so will ask for no rent back and a higher sale price that includes his closing costs so it would be a wash for us. We will see what happens there, but hopefully for us it will be a non issue and things will go smoothly with our inspection.

Can I tell you how happy I am to have to cancel the viewings I had scheduled for today?! Everyone can resume their napping schedules! Hooray!

I'm still so in shock that things turned around for us! I just can't believe it.

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