Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally, an offer!

We received our first offer yesterday and are meeting with our Realtors tonight to review. The funny thing is they didn't even make an appointment to see our house on Saturday. For some odd reason we have more showings during the week and our weekends are light. We only had one viewing scheduled for Saturday, so we stopped briefly by our house afterwards to pick up a stroller before heading to the model train show. Mr. W said their was a couple there with their agent. He said he called, but I know that he didn't.

Anyway, good thing, because they submitted an offer on Sunday! And they are first time home buyers relocating from Hood River. That is good for us that they don't have a contingency because we need to close on this house by the end of April in order to close on the Mt. Tabor Victorian. And they are excited about our neighborhood and looking forward to being able to sell one of their cars. This just might work out!!!

Our realtor told us that we have 2-3 other people who have been sitting on the fence and want to know if we receive an offer on our house. Mr. W is really hoping we end up with a bidding war. I don't know about that! ;)

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