Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Boy's first hair cut

When Our Little Helper was a baby Mr. W wanted to wait until he was two to have his first haircut. A very old fashioned idea which I liked too. Several of his friends were also waiting to cut thier son's hair. The only problem was all these friends were curly haired as were their sons. Mr. W and I both have incredibly stick straight hair and so did our son. Our poor boy's bangs were getting so long that he was beginning to resemble a skater from the 80's. It was so long that when we would crawl along he'd have to tip his head back so he coudl see out from underneath his bangs. I began to put "boy-rettes" in his hair to pull the bangs out of his eyes. Still Mr. W would not budge. So I put together a somewhat official looking petition for cutting Our Little Helper's bangs. I carried it around on a clipboard in my diaper bag and so people could sign off. You know how you sometimes receive unwelcome advice from strangers? Well in this case I'd just whip out the petition and have them sign it. It took about a month, but eventually Mr. W conceded and our son had his first hair cut at 14 months.
This time things the build up to the first haircut was far less painful. I only had to use the boy-rettes a few times. Mr. W was completely willing to have Baby Boy's hair cut, it was just a matter of fitting it into our house selling schedule.
The boy's barber is Barber-Q which is in this tiny little Deco era store front.A before photo, the boy is in need of a haircut.
We have a photo like this of Our Little Helper's first haircut too.
Sitting on Daddy's lap for his haircut.He's not a big fan...Meanwhile, big brother is as calm as can be during his trim.A little shave on the back.All done! Now it's time to Frankenstein walk. We are having a little buyer's remorse though. He looks like a real boy now, no longer a baby. Mr. W laments that this haircut has aged him a whole year. Sigh! He's growing up.

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