Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2 weeks on the market

Our house has been on the market for 2 weeks. After one week, Ms G, the wife of our Realtor team, suggested we drop the price, but the Mr. W, the husband, thought we could wait until two weeks. They said that our house has had a better turn out since they can't remember when. We had nearly 40 realtors/people go through in the first two weeks. However we had no showings Friday or Saturday, and only one on Sunday. I have two more viewings scheduled for today and tomorrow.

All the feedback we have gotten has been good. However there are two issues that keep coming up in the feedback:

  1. We don't have a driveway and we live in a popular urban neighborhood. (Although it should be obvious that we have no driveway before you schedule to come out to our house anyway, so why that is a complain after the fact perplexes me.)
  2. The ceiling height in the upstairs hallway is low, but the bedrooms all have higher, vaulted ceilings.
Those are the two things mentioned if they say we might be priced too high. So that makes me wonder, wouldn't people offer less if they liked the house but think we are too high? That's what we did when we put in our offer on the Mt. Tabor Victorian. Are we so hyper polite in Portland that people aren't comfortable offering less? I thought most people offered less, especially in a buyers market.

We are right in with other comps, but on the higher end because of all the restoration work we have done. We are not a flip, all the work done here was professional, no DIY half ass crap quality.

Our realtor keeps saying that price will cure everything, but I feel like if not having a driveway is a deal breaker for someone, then us lowering the price wouldn't fix it. We're not at all opposed to negotiating or accepting an offer at a lower price. But we feel like we're getting a lot of pressure to drop the price now. If we do it, we'd drop it enough to get down into the next bracket of house hunters' budgets.

I worry that if we drop now at 2 weeks that we will lose all our negotiating cushion. Since we have a contract to buy contingent upon the sale of our bungalow we want to be perceived as serious about selling, but not desperate.

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