Wednesday, November 16, 2011

POD people

I'm really glad that the movers arrived an hour late beyond the 2 hr arrival window they gave me. It's not like I had to coordinate around dropping My Little Helper off at the playhouse or baby naps. ::eyeroll: And then once they finally arrived the fatehr was all grumpy and seemed annoyed by the amount of stuff we had. Hello, I'm paying you to be here to move stuff, and we ordered the 16' POD? Why would you expect anything less than a ton of crap to move? I made it very clear when I scheduled that the majority o f items to be moved were located in the basement. There were no surprises. Later I learned that he was tired because they had been in Seattle late last night til 11. So it's not clear to me when they drove back down, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was that morning and THAT is why they were so late. I called him at 10:15 when he was only 15 minutes late to check is location and he told me then that he was almost here and would be about 15 more minutes. Yeah, they didn't pull up until 11:00 AM.
But they filled that POD with all our stuff. It is a good thing I ordered 2 dozen moving blankets. I was actually one short by the end, so I clearly will need to order a ton more when we do our real move. That's the scary part; this was just a practice round. And frankly, our basement is still filled with a ton of crap, a lot less crap, but it isn't anywhere close to being the "clean, dry, and empty" for which our Realtors are hoping. To be fair, Mr. W wasn't able to relocate his wine cellar to our firends house before he had to go to Japan. That will help clear our a lot more space, but our tool bench and shelves with camping and canning supplies is untouched.
I did enjoy the son from the moving duo. He called me Mrs. W all day long. I loved it. Especially because I'm missing Mr. W. Four days down, 4 more days to go. Dear God, continue to give me strength and patience to survive!

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