Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I love a good deal!

I'm not quite ready to post photos of the middle bedroom which we use as an office yet. But here are a few progress photos. I don't have any true before photos because this room has always been to scary to photograph, not an Oprah expose on hoarders scary, but scary nonetheless. Unfortunately it has always been a dumping ground for stuff we don't know where else to put and Mr. W has a bit of a cardboard addiction. This room was the nursery for the previous owners. They had glow in the dark stars and a cardboard constellation on the ceiling for their son. The celestial theme somehow made them think that painting the ceiling a dusty plum color in a small bedroom was a good idea. It just accentuated the low ceiling height here and made this modest room seem tiny. Oh, and they painted all the trim periwinkle blue. Now, I'm seldom a fan of painted woodwork, but periwinkle? Really?So here is where we started prepping the room. Notice that that dormered ceiling slope is not just dark because of the shadows, rather it is painted the same dark color as the ceiling making that little corner a place where light goes to die. Another point I'd like to make is that I have always loved these 16 lite window sashes. That is until I had to wrap each muntin with blue painter's tape. So tedious!!!
Here is one coat of Benjamin Moore's white on the trim and Linen #__ on the ceiling. That sloped plane still casts a shadow, but now it isn't as extreme.
Another view of the white washed room.Here two coats on the ceiling and trim and one coat of #__ on the walls, except for that slope which has the ceiling color. I wanted to be positive that it should be the wall color, so I saved it for last. And my verdict is yes, having it broken up by the ceiling color draws more attention to this funny corner.Painting complete and we're ready for new carpet!One last look at the gross, blue, commercial grade carpet in this room. Seriously yuck, I wish we could have replaced it years ago!And now with the new grey, wool carpet installed. We are only going to move a few furniture pieces back into this room to stage it for moving. The Steelcase tank desk and vertical file cabinet and the black lingerie cabinet from our bedroom. Our Realtor thinks it is too crowded in our room, but I need the storage space so it can't go in the POD. I want this room to look bedroomy too, even though we use it as an office, so I went to Target and bought some simple white, Shabby Chic curtain panels and tension rods for the windows. They are way too long though, but I have a quick fix, no sew idea for them.
I realized after we moved everything out that the Steelcase desk chair form my FIL was leaking oil, and a caster keeps popping off driving Mr. W bonkers. He wanted to pitch it, but I'll put it in the POD too and fix it later. In the mean time I started looking for an inexpensive, moderny looking chair. I wasn't sure if I should go white moulded Ikea style or something a bit more Ballard Design by using an upholstered dining room chair in white, like this. A helpful Nestie suggested this chair which is awesome, but a bit more than I was hoping to spend. Plus, would it work in the Mt. Tabor house? I found this one at Cost Plus and Mr. W approved with the caveat that I had to get a chair cushion for him too. I drove out there and tried it. It was super uncomfortable and hit my back in the wrong spot. Plus it wasn't unfinished metal. The metal patina was painted on; I knew it wouldn't take much for this chair to look like crap. But I found this chair which is similar to the other white leather desk chair, but much less expensive. Plus, all furniture was 25% off so I got it for $97. As I drove home it occurred to me that it wouldn't go to waste in the next house anyway. While it might look too out of place in the formal study on the main floor, It would be perfect as a desk chair in the boys' room. Perfect all around!
On my way home I also stopped to get a ready made frame and a custom matte. It turns out Aaron Brothers is out of business so I went to Michael's. Mr. W has this nerdy engineer graph of Napolean's March to Moscow that he was wanted to frame for years. I thought it would be a nice simple, graphic piece and large enough to fill the wall above the tank desk. Turns out Michael's was having a 40% off sale on all their frames so I got a nice substantial black frame for $29. Yay for good prices on items to stage our office to sell!

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