Friday, November 11, 2011

The home office staged to sell

I was able to finish up staging this room for the marketing photos today. I actually had it ready yesterday, but the light was fading so I decided to wait until today to shoot it.
I moved my lingerie chest from my bedroom here to free up space in our bedroom. The locally made glass vase was a wedding gift from my uncle. It looks really great in here, it gets lost downstairs with the wallpaper. The Steelcase file cabinet we also have to keep so that we'll have access to our files and documents. It needs love, but I'm hoping that by having it in the corner here its flaws will be overlooked.Here's a better shot which avoids that chippy cabinet. I'll probably submit this to our Realtor.I really adore these windows. I wish that our bedroom or the nursery had these 16 lite sashes. I always thought this would make such a sweet bedroom. Actually Our Little Helper does want this to be his bedroom. I might put a few toys in the back corner until we go on the market so he can play in here when I need to let his brother nap.When we redid the Lloyd Yoder Memorial Theatre we also stripped the woodwork in the hallway upstairs including the doors. At the time we just didn't have the money to strip the paint from all the bedrooms too, and it wasn't uncommon to have the bedroom woodwork painted anyway to save costs on wood. None of the trim in this room is original anyway, so paint is our only option. So the door is stained, since it is an operable feature, and prone to nicks and chips it makes more sense to have it stained to help camouflage any damage. Plus I just love the fir grain on 5 panel doors.This isn't the largest room, but is seems much more spacious now that the ceiling isn't dark and the majority of our furniture is cleared out.Here's a nice view of our Steelcase tank desk and the new desk chair I bought earlier this week. I was able to 'shop' our own house for most of the accessories in this room. The little desk lamp was a gift from Mr. W's sister & husband, but had been sitting in a closet in our tv room for lack of space. The planter arrived with the birth of Our Little Helper now with the addition of a "mossy" plant he picked out this week. I couldn't help myself when I saw that giant clothes pin at Cost Plus. And of course the nerdy, Edward Tufte copy of a graph of Napoleon's March on Russia with a new matte and frame. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It isn't really my style, but it is nice and modern looking.I didn't want to spend any more money on hardware than the $40 I already spent for the curtains. So I pulled so white ribbon from my stash and used some 3M hooks as tie back holders. Not as pretty as what I'd find at Rejuvenation, but a good, temporary fix to stage it to sell. I blouse the fabric over the hook so it isn't visible anyway.

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