Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Boy is 11 months old!

I can't believe how fast it goes the second time around. I better hold on tight to this boy or he'll be off to school before I know it. We have been so blessed, he is a very easy baby, as was his brother. Here are some of the milestones he is passing:
  • He is a great cruiser and has stood, briefly, as few times. He also likes to hold on to my hands and take a few steps. I was really worried that he'd walk for the first time this week while Mr. W was in Japan because then I'd have to lie about it. But he is still content to walk while holding my hands and then drops down and crawls off like a shot.
  • He can wave. He has been doing it for a while, but this week I caught him waving out the window to no one. So cute because that is where he and his brother stand to wave to Daddy! He will wave bye bye to people pretty consistently.
  • He just started clamping his hands together this week. He's pretty please with himself about this one. He has been dancing in his highchair for some time now, turning his torso side to side with his arms in the air, but now he's got the clap too. (Well, he doesn't have that clap)
  • Tooth #7 is coming in. He's been a bit fussy about it, but not too bad. I didn't even really notice he was teething until I noticed the whiteness poking through on Thursday.
  • He's calling me Ma Ma! This is especially awesome! We were at my mom's for the family's fall birthday party and she was holding him and wanted to nurse and he started saying Ma Ma Ma. I thought it sounded like Momma and so did my mom so I considered those two votes to make it official. He has been saying it all week and My Little Helper has been noticing it too. From my experience this seems early. It certainly wasn't among MLH's first words.
  • He said Da Da today! Mr. W returned home today and got to change a duece at bedtime. He asked Baby Boy to, "Say Da Da" and then he did. We all heard it so that was pretty special. MLH wants Baby Boy to say his name now. That may be a ways off yet, but that will really be special.

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  1. CT said da da first so I pushed Cam hard to say MaMa first and I won:-)

    I can't believe he is growing so fast!