Monday, November 14, 2011

The POD has arrived!

My Uncle M was finally able to return today to help with getting our exterior winterized and ready to sell. Today he cleaned the gutters, brushed off the moss on the roof that her could safely reach from the ladder, did some pruning, and applied a coat of the trim on the potting shed. It was a lot of work and he'll return on Friday to clean up leaves and plant some native plants in the back yard.
It was great that he was able to come the same day the POD was delivered because it turned out that the branches on our hawthorn out front were too low to get the POD perfectly centered in front of the house. (All that work this weekend stalking cars in front of the house and moving both our vehicles to reserve a spot!) SO he was able to trim branches specific to the POD placement needs.
I had reserved a 12' POD, but as we began to evaluate the massive amount of boxes in our basement, not to mention the furniture, we decided it would be better to go with the 16' and not fill it all the way rather than go with the 12' and still have a ton of crap that needs to be moved offsite some other way. As it is we still may need to store more things in my mom's basement after the holidays are over.
Did I mention Mr. W is in Japan on business? He found that out a week ago so I decided to move the POD delivery up a week, no point in waiting until right before Thanksgiving if he won't be around to help pack up his stuff. I'm feeling a little stressed. I have had a headache today, my second this week, and this one isn't PMS.
Tomorrow the movers arrive. I plan to take My Little Helper to the playhouse to avoid any issues while the movers are here. Plus it will be a nice break for me since I am alone with both of them all day with no help. My mom did come to Mass with me this week since I was scheduled to be a Eucharistic Minister and obviously can't watch the boys while I am doing that. Then she came over here to watch them for 3 hours while I did some packing in the basement. When she was leaving he asked when he could play with Grammy again, and I casually mentioned that she might want to come over to visit later this week. I was hoping she might because I can only imagine how burnt out I will be by then. She mentioned that she has things going on every night but Thursday. (Which is what she tells me every week, frankly.) But then said, "And it might be nice for me to just go home so I can have a break." Um, yeah, that must be nice. I swear, it seems so weird to me that I see her so seldom. I feel like if my dad weren't dead, I would probably see her more. But I wonder why I am not seeing her more, rather than less, since he is dead? I feel like he would have been dropping by all the time to see his grandchildren. Don't get me wrong, she babysits practically every time I ask, but I guess I didn't think I'd have to ask. I thought she would just want to come by and see them more often. She makes herself so busy! I can understand wanting to be busy when you are grieving to not feel the weight and reality of being alone, but I would think visiting with one's grandchildren would fill that void better than going to the gym and zumba classes. She does ask to have My Little Helper come and spend the night with her when she "needs her fix" which is great and I welcome that. But she never calls because she needs a "fix" of me. I guess I just feel a little sad and rejected at how she is dealing with her grief. Makes my grief more difficult because I play the "what if" game more.
Wow. That is not where I thought I was going when I started this post! My intended message was: the POD is here and I think I'm ready for it. I better be!


  1. Hugs to you as you prepare for the move and deal with lack of support, honestly I think this would have been the same with your dad still here, he would have visited on his own and helped out while your Mom did her own thing.

  2. Thanks! It turned out to be a rougher week than I expected, emotionally. I do appreciate your support!